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Selling anime, manga, and more.

I'm in the process of cleaning my room and I want to sell some stuff I don't want anymore to make some room and (hopefully) raise a little money for redecorating my room.

At the moment I'm selling a lot of anime/manga stuff, a video game, and other miscellaneous things, and I'll add some more as I find stuff.

All prices include shipping to the US (discounts may be provided for orders including more than one item). I prefer Paypal (no credit card payments!), but money orders and well-concealed cash are also accepted, which in that case I'll send the item as soon as I receive payment.


Water Pokemon mug - $15
I love it since it has some of my favorites on it, but I have nowhere to keep it. =\ It comes in its original packaging and new condition.

Bleach Ichigo plushie - $13
Bleach Ichigo figure - $6
Both for $16.

DVDs: All are official Region 1 (North American) releases.

Haibane Renmei complete DVD set - $25
Watched only once, and all four DVDs are individual volumes with their cover art and inserts intact.

Kenran Butousai: The Mars Daybreak complete DVD set - $30
Watched only once, and all six DVDs are individual volumes with their cover art intact. They originally didn't have inserts, so therefore they're not included.

Azumanga Daioh complete thinpak box set - $25
I watched half of the show but didn't get into it, so the DVDs are in perfect condition with their cover art

Nuku Nuku TV complete thinpak box set - $20
Watched only once, everything intact.

RahXephon Movie - $13
Watched only once, everything's intact.

Gundam SEED volume 1 - $10
Watched only once, everything's intact.


Full Metal Panic manga volumes 1-8 - $50 for the whole set or best offer
I bought volume 2 used, but the others are in new condition. I thought I was going to read them, but I never got around to it and I feel that I never will. =\

Full Metal Panic Overload volume 1 - $6
A cute shoujo-style FMP manga. :) Read only once. If you buy the above FMP bundle for $50, I'll throw this in for free.


Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus for Playstation 2 - $20 or best offer
Non-Greatest Hits release and it's been played through only once.

Please leave any comments at this post on my LJ. =) Thank you!

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