Marshmallow Crown (marshmalowcrown) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Marshmallow Crown

make up print tee
worn a few times but in great shape
flat measurements:
bust: 14"
length: 19.5"

price: $4
shipping to us: $3 
shipping to canada and everywhere else: $5

phantasmagoria poster
see details here
price: $25
shipping to us: $6
shipping to canada: $8
shipping to everywhere else: $10

shojo beat magazines 

february 2007
march 2007
april 2007
may 2007
june 2007
july 2007 (current one)

i'll sell $3 for each issue, or if you want all 6 of them, $15
shipping is $2 each , or if you buy a few, i'll pack them together at a more reasonable price

just leave a comment here or e-mail me (auralynn* - *=@) if you're interested
thanks :)


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