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( ・_・)r鹵~<炎炎炎

Trading cards

Looking spare regs from these:
ASUKA Collection (Manga/AV Fair Spring 2005): ALL
Hana To Yume 2000: ALL
Kyo kara Maoh (Frontier Part 1-4): ALL
 La La 2005: ALL
Meine Liebe Chapter 1-2: ALL
Ouran (Movic): ALL
POT Shining Clear Collection 1-5: ALL
Saiyuki 1-2 (Movic): ALL
Saiyuki Requiem: ALL
Saiyuki Reload (Frontier): ALL
Saiyuki Manga Reload 2005: ALL
Saiyuki G-Fantasy Part 1-3 (Part 1, Special Edition, Part 2): ALL
Zero Sum card collections: ALL
POT New Season Part 1: 53★
Loveless: 23, 63★

Ein Collection: ALL★
Gakuen Heaven 1: ALL
Gakuen Heaven 2: ALL (except: 02, 05, 06, 07, 14, 23)
Gakuen Heaven 3: ALL
Bleach Carddass Masters 1: ALL
Bleach Carddass Masters 2: ALL

★ Will only trade this time to my cards (reg for reg), except can buy the POT New Season Part 1 card 53.
★ My cards site: shirosaki.org
★ shuugasm★gmail.com <★ --> @>
★ Really after POT and D. Gray-Man SPs if someone would have any to trade! (SP for SP)

So, if you have any spares lying around, please have a look what I have! :)


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