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Diana Tenou

Manga Sale!

Still selling this stuff plus more. I'm still in the process of moving (albiet slow) and there is NO ROOM FOR ANY OF IT. it HAS to go.
Though I only specified on some items, I am willing to negotiate on the listed prices.


Wish 1-4
Condition: Used with shelfwear

I've only read the series once, and then it was packed away. the edges got scuffed up a bit, other wise it's fine. there are no bends in the binding.
Asking price for the lot : 20.00 +shipping

Love Hina 1,2,3,7,8

Condition : Poor with lots of shelfwear
This was actually given to me by a friend. the books have some markings on the binding and the corners are bent.
Asking price : 15 for the entire lot (if you're interested in them individually make me an offer on which ones you want)+shipping

Petshop of Horrors 1-4
Condition: 1 has some binding ware and is bent at the corners. the others have regular shelfware

Asking price 20.00 for the lot+shipping

Confidential Confessions 2-6
Condition: Used with bent edges and covers. there are no binding marks on the books
I've read through these at least twice, however, when they were packed they got messed up. As you can see, Books two and four suffered some cover damage, the rest have normal shelf ware.
Asking price : 25 for the entire lot +shipping

X/1999 1 and 2
Condition : Never read, Minor shelfware
Never read them, or rather, never got around to reading them But because they were packed with every thing else, they suffered shelfware.
Asking price :23.00+shipping (or best offer)

Inuyasha 1&2
Condition: Used with minor shelf ware
Read only twice (for costume reference) I stopped buying it because I hated the viz cover
Asking price :20+shipping (or best offer on individual books)

Chobits and Ranma1/2 (being sold seperately)
Condition: Brand new, never opened
It was a gift for a friend but she already had it. I'm asking the original cover price of 10.00+shipping since it was never opened.

Ranma 1/4 Book 14
Condition: Poor, lots of shelf ware
Another hand me down that I didnt really read or get into.
Asking price 8.oo+shipping
Picture For chobits and Ranma : http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/Dianachan/DSC00663.jpg

Pokemon: The eletric pikachu
Condition: Used
Asking price : make me an offer.

Naruto 1-5
Condition: Book one and two have some weird stain on the page edge (outside edges only) all minor shelfwear.
This was a gift. I HATE naruto. and the person who gave it to me knew that. either way, selling it, dont want it, please take it.
Asking price : 15+shipping (entire lot)

Condition :used with shelfwear
Dont like this series either. there's regular shelfwear on it othe wise it's fine.
Asking price : 10+shipping

Steel Angel Kurumi 1 and 2
Condition: very minor (nearly unnoticable) shelf wear
Asking price : 9.00+shipping

Tusbasa chronicals 1 and 2
Condition: very minor shelfwear, never read
Asking price: 10.00+shipping (both)

Rave Master 1 and 2
Condition: Used with shelf wear
Asking price 8.00+shipping
Both http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/Dianachan/DSC00669.jpg

Fruits basket vol. 13
Condition : Never read with shelf wear
Name a price

Kekaishi Book 1
Condition : never read, some shelf wear
Asking price 5.00+shipping

Sneak Peek Vol. 3
Condition: shelfwear, unread
Name a price

both books pictured together (sold seperately)

Kingdom Hearts Box set 1-4
Condition: Shelf wear from being pulled in and out of the box to be read. Three has a binding issue that was there when I bought it from the store.
Asking price 25.00+shipping (I'd like to sell the ENTIRE Boxset)
Comes with the box.


Final Fantasy X Character/design book Japanese
Condition : Fair with minor shelf ware.
I skimmed through this as this was a hand me down from a friend. I cant read japanese, but it does appare to be a character book+designs of NPCs, ships, towns and buildings.
Asking price :20+shipping

X-men the last stand collectors edition
Condition :Brand new
Asking price 28.00+shipping

Clock Tower for PS2
Condition : Used with normal wear to the disk.
Asknig price 7.00+shipping
Will update when I find the rest of my things.

Picture of both X-men and clock tower : http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y265/Dianachan/DSC00676.jpg

I accept:
Personal Check
Money Order
(items wont be sent untill pesonal check and money order clear)

Any questions comment here or e-mail me at : chibi_chibi_diana[at]yahoo[dot]com. IMs are fine too if you need a quick response, go to my LJ info page for my IM adress.

Thanks for looking

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