totchi_loveu (totchi_loveu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hello guys! It's again me! I've been kicked out of my house, so now I'm staying in a friends house until august when I'll have to rent a room, that's why I really need money! Please please please! Help me! I'm selling most of my things, which u can find in my lj totchi_loveu and also I'm selling this items which I forgot to mention in my lj, but I'm writing about them here!

Nightmare, Libido: first press cd+dvd, price 35 euros

Shoxx, April 2006 featuring: Nigthmare, Miyavi, Gazette, Ancafe, D, Kurt, Kagrra COVER HERE

Shoxx September 2006 featuring: Sendai Kamotsu, Miyavi, Gazette, Kra, Kagrra, Plastic Tree, 12012, Shazna COVER HERE

I'm asking for the magazines 20euros each, but I can make u pay less! If u buy both of them, price is 30euros, plus shipping!

Also I'm selling this copies of Dir en grey album!

Kisou: first press edition,price 20euros.

Six Ugly: first press edition,price 15 euros

Macabre: first press edition,price 20euros.

Gauze: first press edition,price 20euros.

Withering to death: First limited edition, never used, price 25euros

Vulgar: normal edition,price 20euros.

Clever Sleazoid : First limited edition, never used, price 12Euros

Ryojoku no Ame: First limited edition, never opened, price 12euros

Agitated scream of maggot: First limited edition, never opened, 12euros

The more u buy the less u pay! ^^ Please please again, help me!!!!!! Thanks!


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