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List of Items for Sale



Sale/Bid- ALL prices listed below are the STARTING BID amount for each item. This whole lot of items will be on a bidding/ auction system where you must let myself know when you have bid.

Shipping- shipping will vary according to location. So please reply with your zipcode/ country name when placing a bid. I will ship internationally, but international buyers outside the United States must take into account that the arrival of their packages may be delayed. (Especially with packages to Canada). This delay is the result of customs and other things I cannot effect. ALSO NOTE: If you would like shipping confirmation or anything else on your package, please know you will have $1.50 more added to your shipping amount. (Sadly, if you choose to go for cheap-cheap shippin without confirmation... I cannot be responsible if your package either takes too long to arrive, OR does not arrive. Sometimes the US mail system eats packages and, sadly, I cannot afford to take a loss on my items.)

Contacting- please leave your e-mail address when bidding so I may contact you if LJ proves to be unhelpful. If you need to contact me about this sale, please send a message titled "garagesalejapan post - _(insert item[s] name[s] here)_" so that I may reply promptly to any questions. The e-mail to send questions to is etrnlstar[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Payment- I accept all forms of PayPal payment (credit card, bank, PayPal etc). I am unable to accept anything else due to problems with local mail. PayPal payments must be sent to danaeaphreal[at]yahoo[dot]com no more than 5 DAYS after the sale's end date. (I am sorry, I cannot make any exceptions to this at this time.)

Sale Dates- This sale will begin Wendsday, June 20th at noon Central time; and will end on Saturday, June 23rd at midnight Central time.


Anime - Sailormoon, Escalflowne, X, Paradise Kiss, etc
Sailor Moon Plastic Lunchbox - Current Bid - $5.00USD (pink_spider11) (shipping NOT included)

This item includes both the lunchbox itself as well as a matching thermos. Both the front of the lunchbox and the thermos having a group picture from SailorStars.

SailorMoon Wall Scroll - $8.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This scroll features an image of Queen Serenity, Prince Endymion, and Chibiusa. It is 43in long and 20.5in wide. (A better view of the image on the scroll can be found here.)

Escaflowne Wall Scroll - $8.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A 43in by 20.5in wall scroll. (A better view of the image can be found here.)

X/ 1999 Intermezzo Manga - $5.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This English-language volume is in excellent condition.

Paradise Kiss Vol. 5 (in Japanese) - $8.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This Japanese-language volume is in perfect condition.

Hotaru Odagiri Tosuisha Superworks Collection Act 4 - Current Bid - $10.00USD (astash) (shipping NOT included)

2007 Publication of collected art by the yaoi manga-ka who is now known for the English-language title "Only the Ring Finger Knows". (A photo of the inside contents is available here.)

Shuw Morimoto Tosuisha Superworks Collection Act 6 - Current Bid - $10.00USD (astash)(shipping NOT included)

Collection of art by the Chinese yaoi manga-ka Shuw Morimoto. (A photo of the inside contents is available here.)

Animerica 5 Vol 7 - $2.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This issue features an interview with Osamu Dezaki, a section on Slayers Next, is a "swimsuit issue", and has some of Galaxy Express 999.

CLAMP X [ZERO] Book - $12.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This issue of the CLAMP illustrated collection. It is described as, "A heavy-weight, hardcover book that binds together 152 pages of marvelous artwork, many of which are yet unseen and published. If you are a fan who adores manga-style illustrations, this is a book you should not miss. Besides the interviews with CLAMP, it also reveals hints to the "ZERO" card in X's tarot card series." The volume I have no longer has the harder cover that slips over and some pages are loose.

Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book - $20.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A 1998 publication written and designed by Mark C. MacKinnon contains a role-playing game that accurately reflects the events of the television series", contains comprehensive information about the North America version of the show, and contains art from the series.

FLASHOVER [ X Doujinshi] - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A doujinshi of CLAMP's X featuring stories revolving around Kamui- has some yaoi elements and was published in 1996.

DRAGON HARD [Escaflowne doujinshi] - $12.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A doujinshi published in 1997 revolving mostly around Van. It is in excellent condition, has wonderful artwork, and the overall quality of the doujin itself is wonderful. Slight yaoi overtones but nothing more.

Agnus Dei [Escaflowne doujinshi] - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included)

Another doujinshi published in 1996. The book itself is made of thick, sturdy paper, and includes a story involving Van, Allen, and Folken.

ESCAFLOWNE [Escaflowne doujinshi] - $12.00USD (shipping NOT included)

Another 1996 doujinshi. This one is of heavy-weight paper and features a story involving Van and Folken. It is definately a yaoi-based storyline so if you like lots of kissing, some butt-shots, and a little blood involving this pairing... then this is for you. ^_^

DER FEURIGE ENGEL [Escaflowne doujinshi] - $15.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A doujinshi published in 1997. This volume is made of heavy-weight paper and has some wonderful full-colour art work, a story, and mini-manga all based around the pairing of Folken and Dilandau.

SailorMoon Pencil Board - Current Bid - $1.50USD (alatariel_xx) (shipping NOT included)

This pencil board features the Inner Senshi along with Uranus and Neptune. It also is accompanied with 2 large stickers. Its has never been opened and is in perfect condition.

Sailor Venus Stationary Set - $1.50USD (shipping NOT included)

This stationary set contains lined paper and envelopes with the image of Sailor Venus from the R season. Never opened.

Sailor Jupiter Stationary Set - $1.50USD (shipping NOT included)

This stationary set contains lined paper and envelopes with the image of Sailor Jupiter from the R season. Never opened.

(Top Row, Left -> Right... #1, #2, #3, #4)
(Bottom Row, Left -> Right... #6, #7, #8, #9)
(Center... #5)

Sailor Moon Sticker Sheets [9 Types Available] - $1.00USD per sheet (shipping NOT included)
I have an assortment of Japanese SailorMoon sticker pages. All are completely unopened and in perfect condition. They are all pictured above, but I will give descriptions for each here: #1) Super/ SuperS with many images of Senshi in street clothes [p55], #2) SuperS with images of Super SailorMoon and Super Sailor ChibiMoon [c68], #3) Images of Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury (super), and some out-of-costume images [p54], #4) SailorStars group images [p73], #5) Sailor Stars season with Eternal SailorMoon and the Starlights [c41] Current Bid - $2.00USD (dependonyou), #6) Manga images [1195], Current Bid - $2.00USD (dependonyou)#7) Sailor Stars season with group images [1046], #8) Images from the Sailormoon SuperS movie [p57], #9) Images from the SailorMoon S movie [p60] -

SailorMoon Supersize Stickers [2 Available] - $1.00USD per sticker (shipping NOT included)

I have two super-size Sailor Moon stickers from the North American version of the show. Both have Sailor Moon but here is the list: #1) Moon Tiara Action, #2) I am Sailor Moon...

SailorMoon Soundtrack "Songs from the Hit TV Series" - Starting Bid - $3.00USD (shipping NOT included)

Released in 1996 by Kid Rino and DIC this album features 11 songs from the American version of the show. Also included is the "sing-a-long" booklet.

SailorMoon R Sticker Activity Book - $5.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This hard-cover book with thick pages has two sheets of "stickers" and 3 scenes were you can dress the Sailor Senshi. It's like sticker paper-dolls~

Escaflowne Over the Sky [Escaflowne doujinshi] - $12.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A 1996 doujinshi featuring stories with Van X Dianlandeu.

SMILE magazine [5 issues] - $1.00USD per issue (shipping NOT included)

I have five issues of MIXX (now TokyoPop)'s girl's magazine called 'SMILE'. Issues I have are: June 1999, December 1999, Feburary 1999, October 1999, and April 1999.

Sailor Moon Scout Guide Preview Booklet - $1.00USD (shipping NOT included)

Exclusive Sailor Moon S movie edition booklet featuring previews of the "scout guides" for Sailor Mars "Fire" and Sailor Venus "Love".

(Top Row, Left -> Right... SM Novel 1, SM Novel 2, Pocket Mixx 1)
(Bottom Row, Left -> Right... Pocket Mixx SuperS 1, Pocket Mixx 2, Pocket Mixx 3)

Sailor Moon Novels [2 volumes] - $2.50USD per novel (shipping NOT included)
I have two volumes of the North American Sailor Moon Novels published in 1999: #1 and #2. They are stories written by Stuart Levy and Lianne Sentar based on the "hit TV series".

SailorMoon Pocket Mixx Volumes (shipping NOT included)
I have the following volumes of the SailorMoon manga (as translated by MIXX/TokyoPop): SuperS #1 (Current Bid - $5USD, sarah_the_crab), #1 (Current Bid - $5.10USD, alatariel_xx), #2 (Current Bid - $5USD, sarah_the_crab [only one copy])( xx_plastik ) (2 copies), and #3 (Current Bid - $5USD, sarah_the_crab). All are in good condition.

(Top Row, Left -> Right... #5, #2)
(Bottom Row, Left -> Right... #1, #4)

(Left->Right... #6, #3

SailorMoon Playing Cards - $3.00USD per deck [mini-deck $2] (shipping NOT included)
All are Japanese SailorMoon playing cards. The following decks I have are: #1) foil-backed deck with images from the first season, #2) mate deck with images from SailorMoon R, #3) mini-deck with one image on the back of each card (it's Sailormoon and Luna), #4) Sailormoon Stars and SuperS images with foil-backs, #5) mate Sailormoon SuperS deck, #6) foil-baked cards with assorted images from all seasons (plastic case is slightly cracked)

Saiyuki Pencilboard - Current Bid - $1.01USD (sarahs4sale) (shipping NOT included)

Images from a live-action version of Saiyuki are on the front of this pencil board.

SailorMoon Stars Puzzle - Current Bid - $3.00USD (annhatesyou) (shipping NOT included)

A 50-piece jugsaw puzle with a group image from the Sailor Stars season.

SailorMoon SuperS Wallscroll - $3.00USD (shipping NOT included)

Small wallscroll with a group images from the SuperS season.

DIC Sailor Moon KeyChains - Current Bid - $1.00USD each (BID COVERS ALL) (alatariel_xx) (shipping NOT included)

I have 5 keychains from this series of Sailor Moon keychains released by DIC: Venus, Mars, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter. All are in perfect condition as they have never been opened- ie, are still in the original packaging. (Close-up View of the keychains is available here.)

Sailor Moon Ball-Point Pens - Current Bid - $1.00USD [both pens] (iwakuralain16)(shipping NOT included)

Ball-point pens featuring images from Sailor Moon. These were a North American release and I have two of them: Mars, and Sailor Moon. They are in their original packaging and never used. (Close-up of the pens is available here.)

Sailor Chibi Moon Hair Bow - Current Bid -$4.00USD (thepinkangel) (shipping NOT included)

A bright pink bow with a plastic likeness of Super Sailor Chibi Moon on it. It clips into the hair with a metal clip at the back. This bow has never been opened or used and is in perfect condition.

SailorMoon Hair Tie - $1.50USD (shipping NOT included)

A small Super Sailor Moon adorns this beaded hair-tie. This pieces has never been used or opened and is in perfect condition.

SailorMoon Hair Clips - Current Bid - $3.01USD (nekobomb) (shipping NOT included)

Pink clips with plastic likeness of Super SailorMoon on each. This has never been opened and is in perfect condition.

SailorMoon Yoyo - $1.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A yoyo with chibi images of Jupiter and Venus on each side.

Prince Darien Keychain - $5.99USD (shipping NOT included) ( clara_destine )

Little doll-like keychain of everyone's favourite prince. Still in it's original package and unopened.

North American Sailor Moon Logo Patch - Current Bid: $5.00USD (koyappi (shipping NOT included)

A patch featuring the logo used for the DIC version of SailorMoon in yellow, purple, and light purple thread.

SailorMoon Address Book - $2.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A SailorMoon address book with a hard plastic cover. Unused and in excellent condition.

SailorMoon Large Pencil - $1.00USD (shipping NOT included)

An over-sized pencil with a group image from the North American version of SailorMoon. (A close-up image is available here.)

DIC SailorMoon Keychains - Current Bid - $2.50USD (racoutlet for Sailor Moon Only) (shipping NOT included)

Plastic keychains with the following images: Inner scouts and just Sailor Moon. Both have the North American logo.

Large Glittery SailorMoon Stickers - $1.00USD each (shipping NOT included)

Two large stickers: one of Sailor Jupiter and the other of Super Sailor ChibiMoon Current Bid [Chibimoon] - $1.00USD (nekobomb).

Sailor Jupiter Bookmark/ Sticker - $0.50USD (shipping NOT included)

A bookmark of Sailor Jupiter that can also be used as a sticker.

X Notebook - $2.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A small college-ruled notebook in excellent condition with images from CLAMP's X.

DIC Sailor Moon 2-Pocket Folder - Current Bid -$1.00USD (nekobomb) (shipping NOT included)

This folder is like brand new and has never been used. The front and back feature a group image of the Sailor Scouts from the North American version of the Sailor Moon.

Japanese Sailormoon 1-Pocket Folder - Current Bid - $1.00USD (nekobomb) (shipping NOT included)

A large folder that is in excellent condition. The front and back both feature a split image of all the Inner Senshi. Inside is a single long pocket that is decorated with an image of Sailormoon's brooch.

Sailor Moon Candles - $4.00USD each (shipping NOT included)

These large candles are enclosed in thick glass- they are about 7in in height and 2in in width. I have two candles: #1) Sailor Scouts group picture, and #2) Sailor Moon with Luna. Neither have been used.

Sailormoon R Drinking Glass - Current bid = $8.00USD (iwakuralain16)(shipping NOT included)

A 5 and 1/2in semi-opaque drinking glass with the Sailormoon R logo amidst various images of Tuxedo Kamen and Mamoru. Never used.

Special Edition of #1 Sailor Moon by MIXX - Current Bid - $5.01USD (sarahs4sale) (Shipping NOT included)

This is a special edition of the first volume of MIXX's translation of Naoko Takeuchi's manga. It was a very limited run and was exclusive to COMICON 1998.

"Lovely Friends" Sailor Venus Keychain - $1.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A clear plastic keychain with an image of Sailor Venus from the first season.

Sailormoon Zipper Pouch & Pens - Current Bid -$2.50USD (nekobomb) (shipping NOT included)

A plastic zipper pouch with a slight crack on the side. It features an image of Super Sailormoon on one side and the SailormoonS logo on the other. Inside, I have included two of the DIC Sailormoon pens.

Sailor Moon CHIX COMIX and MIXX Comics - $2.00USD each (shipping NOT included)

These are the translations done by MIXX (before becoming TokyoPop). There are two types: CHIX COMIX and just plain MIXX versions. These are English language versions of the Sailormoon manga in small installments. For CHIX COMIX I have the following volumes: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, and 21. For MIXX: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. So, all together, 18 volumes. All are in a protective plastic sleeve.

'Emerald' Doll - $5.00USD (shipping NOT included) ( xx_plastik )

Doll of the Sailormoon villian from the series of dolls released by Irwin between 1997 and 2002. This doll was aquired sometime around 1998 (I cannot remember the exact time I purchased her.)

Assorted Sailormoon Posters - $5.00USD per poster (shipping NOT included)
I have 16 different Sailormoon posters for sale: #1) manga Usagi and Mamoru [2788], #2) Sailor Stars group with Luna and Diana [SS935], #3) SuperS poster with Super Sailormoon and Chibimoon [2602], #4) Usagi & Mamoru [2617], #5) Outer Senshi [SS962], #6) Eternal Moon with Starlights [AA632], #7) Inner Senshi, Eternal Moon and Starlights [SS978], #8) manga group with Sailor Pluto and Tuxedo Kamen [2787], #9) Eternal Moon and Usagi [SS966], #10) SailormoonS group with Uranus and Neptune [2941], #11) Sailormoon with Uranus and Neptune [2067], #12) Starlights and school uniformed Starlights [AA638], #13) Sailormoon Stars group with Super Chibimoon [2552], #14) Inner Senshi school uniform group with Chibichibi [SS963], #15) Usagi and Chibiusa in school uniforms with assorted Sailor Stars images [2806], #16) Usagi and Mamoru wedding [2807]

Fushigi Yuugi Posters [2] - $5.00USD per poster (shipping NOT included)
I have 2 Fushigi Yuugi posters: #1) Miyaka with Tamahome [2890], #2) Group poster [3020].

JRock - Malice Mizer, Lareine, etc

Malice Mizer Au Revoir Poster - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included)

A poster featuring individual images of the original members of Malice Mizer. The poster is 29in by 20.5in. (A better image of the poster can be seen here.)

PopBeat May 2000 - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This issue of PopBeat features the following bands: Aucifer, Gackt, TMR, Blue-B, Sophia, Gackt, Cascade, Penicillin, Pierrot, and some other bands/ solo artists.

UV Vol 74 - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This issue features: J, Siam Shade, Malice Mizer, Gackt, Sugizo, Three Machine Gun Elephant, RIZE, drug store cowboy, PIERROT, Dir en Grey, Plastic Tree, and Buck Tick. It comes with a poster of J.

UV Vol 76 - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included)

This issue features: Tomoyasu Hotei, Buck-Tick, PIERROT, J, Gackt, Dir en Grey, La'cryma Cristi, Tommy feburary6, RIZE, etc. It has a poster of Tomoyasu Hotei.

Shoxx 8 Vol 102 - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included) ( night_breed )

This issue features: Pierrot (special Takeo and Kohta 24 pgs edition), Fanatic Crisis, ric, Janne Da Arc, Mana, and wyse.

UV Vol. 100 - $15.00USD (shipping NOT included) ( lady_camui )

Special volume featuring: Gackt, BOOWY, Buck-Tick, X Japan, Yoshiki, hide, Luna Sea, GLAY, L'arc en Ciel, Malice Mizer, Siam Shade, PIERROT, and Dir en Grey. It includes a large poster of Gackt.

(Top, Left -> Right... ma cherie, retour)
(Bottom... merveilles)

ma cherie ~aishi kimi e~ - $15.00USD (shipping NOT included)
A hard-cover book version that contains the single Ma Cherie (along with the song regret). It is in good condition and includes a copy of the lyrics, along with various photos of the members.

Malice Mizer "merveilles" a deux dimensions Book - $15.00USD (shipping NOT included) ( night_breed )
A hard-cover over-sized photo book with lots of full-colour images of Malice Mizer from the tour for Merveilles.

Malice Mizer "retour" Book - Current Bid - $20.00USD (kero_chan42) (shipping NOT included)
A hard-cover over-sized photobook with images of Malice Mizer from 1992-1998. In excellent condition.

Shoxx 7 Vol 65 - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included) ( night_breed )

Special 38 page edition featuring Luna Sea. Bands also within this issue are: Sophia, Fanatic Crisis, and Malice Mizer.

(Top, Left->Right... Vanilla, Apres Midi)
(Bottom, Left->Right... Billet, Fleur)

Lareine's 'Billet' Single - $8.00USD (shipping NOT included)
This CD single is a first-press edition- but the card and paper within that make it first-press are no longer with it. The CD case itself is in perfect condition as is the booklet within. Songs contained within are: Billet and emeraude.

Lareine's 'Fleur' Single - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included)
This is a regular release of Lareine's single 'Fleur'. The case is only slightly scratched but otherwise in perfect condition.

Gackt's 'Vanilla' Single - $5.00USD (shipping NOT included) ( pan2dapan )
The CD single is in good condition but the case is scratched.

Malice Mizer's 'APRES MIDI' Single - $12.00USD (shipping NOT included)
This CD single is in perfect condition. It is still wrapped in it's original plastic so the single itself is like new.

(Top, Left->Right... Vulgar, Saikai no Chi to Bara)
(Bottom, Chantons l'amour)

Dir en Grey's 'VULGAR' Album - $20.00USD (shipping NOT included)
This CD album is in almost perfect condition. It still has the cardboard over-case so the plastic case the CDs are in is in like-new condition.

Lareine's 'Chantons l'amour' VHS - $25.00USD (shipping NOT included)
Lareine's video of their 1999 tour intermingled with clips from the band's "story" about a girl named Lillie. This copy of the VHS still has the booklet with the letters. The VHS itself is in perfect condition though the case is slightly scratched.

Malice Mizer's 'Saikai no Chi to Bara' Single - $10.00USD (shipping NOT included)
This copy of the CD single is still in it's original plastic wrapping so is in excellent condition.

mon amour Fan Club Binder & Installments - Current Bid - $20.00USD (night_breed) (shipping NOT included)

Special binder for "mon amour", "moi dix mois", "moi meme moite", and "monologue theater"- in other words, Mana's fan club. This is only available to those who join the fanclub. This copy of the mini-binder has a soft exterior with Mana's "logo" on the outside. Inside, the "member certificate" as well as four "issues" of the fanclub newsletter- September 2004, October 2004, an two different volumes of November 2004.

(Left->Right... Gekka no Yasoukyoku, Le ciel)

Malice Mizer's 'Gekka no Yasoukyoku' Single - Current Bid - $7.00USD (akogare) (shipping NOT included)
1998 release from Malice Mizer containing the following songs: Gekka no Yasoukyoku, Gekka no Yasoukyoku de l'image, and Gekka no Yasoukyoku (instrumental). It is in good condition.

Malice Mizer's 'Le ciel' Single - Current Bid - $5.00USD (akogare)(shipping NOT included)
This 1998 release is in like-new condition since it in still in it's original plastic wrapping.

ma cherie fanclub books - $8.00USD each (shipping NOT included) ( night_breed - ALL )

I have three different issues of the Malice Mizer fanclub book "ma cherie": Spring 2007, Winter 2000, and Summer 2000.

Happy bidding!


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