Diana Tenou (dianachan) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Diana Tenou

Final Fantasy Doujinshi Sale !

As I promised, I'd post more stuff when I found it

I have six final fantasy 7 doujin for sale.


CloudxSephirothxZacks (Zax/Zack)

All are in Japanese, I bought these last year at AX 06 and have at least read through them once. They're in mint condition (they've been open to read and nothing more) No bent pages or tears, and the bindings are not bent.

1. Breath Loveless
Paring: Cloud x Zacks
Type: Hentai
Front Cover
Back Cover

2. Unknown Tittle (written in Japanese)
Paring: CloudxSephirothxZacks
Type: Mild Hentai(kissing, some explicit scenes) Very little gag
Front Cover
Back Cover

3. Second Impact
Paring: VincentxCid
Type: Non Hentai
Front Cover
Back cover

4. UnknownTittle (Again, written in Japanese)
Paring: Cloudx Vincent
Type: Non Hentai
Front cover
Back Cover

5. Unknown Tittle
Paring: VincentxCid
Type: Kissing but no Hentai. Gag
Front Cover
Back Cover

6. DX
Paring :VincentxCid
Type: Kissing, but no extream hentai (However, there are excplicit sketches at the end)
Front Cover
Back Cover

Each book is 8 dollars +shipping.

I can accept Paypal, Personal Check, or Money Order.
Coment if interested , but thank you for looking


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