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JE poster sale

all price are without shipping and handling.
inside United State, u can get first class mail and will arrive at ur hand in 3-4days.
remember this:the more you buy the more discount you get
PAYPAL, CONCEALED USD [on buyer's own risk], MONEY ORDER are all acceptable.

JE gloosy pages:

all glossy pages are 3USD a piece, and if u r buying more than 3 pages at once, u get 1USD off for the total order.

Free Image Hosting at

kanjani 8 glossy pages, i have 6 pages of them. both side are kanjani 8. :)

Free Image Hosting at

NEWS glossy pages. A and B r both with yama pi, and the back are kanjani 8 and Arashi's Jun san in respect.
C and E are both sided with News goups picture. and D's back is Arashi.
P.S., page A and E are from the June issue, look at yama pi's hair, u will know.

PIN-UP page is 2USD a piece.

Free Image Hosting at

jr. pin-up, hard paper quality
back of set A is Yuto Nakajima and Ryosuke Yamada
back of set B is YA-YA-YAH

POSTER is 2.5 USD a piece

Free Image Hosting at

A, back of both poster are Kanjani 8
left one /ON HOLD

Free Image Hosting at
B, back of KINKI's is Kanjani 8
back of Arashi is again Arashi./ON HOLD


Free Image Hosting at

a huge huge Kanjani 8 poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so it is 4USD

arashi's glossy page is both side full with arashi, and 3USD, also

comment with your e-mail address and ur zip code please :) 
and any question is welcome.
x-posted almost everywhere, and it is base on first come first base

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