kanashimi_sales (kanashimi_sales) wrote in garagesalejapan,

HUGE massive update!!

I have added over 100 items to sell on my journal!
For a total of over 200 items for sale!
There is a huge variety of Japanese items available!
I need to sell everything by the 3rd week of July, so everything, with the exception of a few rare items, is set at very low prices!
You really need to check out what I have for sale! Now is your chance to try something new since the prices are so low!

Here is a list of just some the items I have for sale.
-Manga/over 100 volumes, mostly shoujo, but some shounen.
including some really hard to find titles such as Mars
-Anime DVD, and VHS. Prices set extremely low!
-Japanese fashion magazine
Cutie, Kera, Kera Maniax, GLB, Cawaii, Melon
-Jpop and Jrock items. Items include, posters, cd's, DVD, cards, cell phone straps ect.
Artists include - WaT, Anna Tsuchiya, Duel Jewel, Nana Kitade, Princess Princess, WFL, Pink Panda, Plastic Tree, Potshot, Aiko, Aucifer, Mini Moni and more!
-Anime merchaindise. Cute figures, plushes, and more various items.
-Stationary and Sanrio.
Letter sets, and memos from Japan, and cute saniro toys.
-Japanese movies
-Clothing FROM Japan.
shirts, socks, accessories
-Visual Kei Flyers

As you can see I have a huge amount I need to sell fast!
So please come buy up all I have! The more you buy the more you can save on shipping!


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