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New Items/ Old Items slashed $$

I've Slashed Prices Lower again! 

^_^ Take advantage of my need of space, since I've got my girlfriend moving in next month! 

I am *contemplating* selling these items, please comment if interested!

- Legend of Mana ***Square Millenium Collection*** (Complete LE game, the outer box, the slipcover, -- everything EXCEPT the two figures and the music box will be included) [This should be coming in the mail in a month or so, I may hold this for someone really interested.]

- Alundra 2 *complete*

- Tales of Symphonia Strategy Guide

- Saga Frontier *complete*



I accept PAYPAL AND money orders.

US only.

I accept trades. Just tell me what you have to offer, or
post a link.

I have 100% Positive feedback (20+ & 70+) at the bottom of the sales journal:
and on Ebay under katvara.

If you have questions feel free to comment as long as you get back to me. Serious
buyers/traders only.
I have comment reply notification, so I can reply to
you within seconds of posting!

If you buy more than one item from me, I'll give you a shipping



English Manga Volume 1, II, III
*complete set* (Never read.) - $25.00 shipped
$15.00 shipped


Ark Angels

English Manga Volume 1 (Never
read.) - $10.00 shipped $7.00


Chrono Trigger /
Chrono Cross

Serge Keychain (Out of plastic, but
perfectly new *Out of Print*) - $15.00 shipped
$10.00 shipped


Digimon: Digital
Monsters / Digimon Adventure

Assorted Keychains (Agumon/Greymon,
Piyomon/Birdramon, & Palmon/Togemon) (*sealed & Out of Print*) - $10.00
shipped each
  $7.00 shipped each

Digimon Soft Lunchbox (Never used!)
- $10.00 shipped  $7.00 shipped

Digimon Taito / Yamachi Doujinshi
*soft yaoi / fluff* (very good condition) - $8.00 shipped


Death Note

not pictured yet.)

DVD Promotional Figurines (Jealous
is sealed in box, Raito and Ryuuk were used for display but complete) -
$20.00 shipped

Chinese Manga Volume 1 (never
flipped through) - FREE (just pay shipping, which is $2.00)

Uchiwa Fan (*sealed*, L/Raito on
one side and Ryuuk on the other) - $10.00
  $7.00 shipped

Near "N" logo beanie. The
beanie is comfortable, kinda woven material, but definetly keeps the head warm.
Great for a Death Note fan!

- $15.00 shipped (No Image yet)

Final Fantasy
VII (7)

Cloud Strife Statue (Includes
original box and foam, display only, complete) - $60.00
$30.00 shipped

Doujinshi *Japanese Title* (very
good condition, non-explicit, angsty with gag at the end) - $10.00
$8.00 shipped

Doujinshi *DONA DONA* (very good
condition, non-explicit, all character gag - includes cross-dressing Cloud lol) -
$8.00 shipped

Final Fantasy
VIII (8)

Rinoa Heartilly Figurines *Bandai,
Trading Arts, and Gashapon* (display only, no boxes, complete with weapons and
stands) - $15.00 shipped $10.00
$8.00 shipped each

Selphie Tilmitt Figurines *Bandai
and Gashapon* (display only, no boxes, complete with weapons and stands) - $15.00
$10.00 shipped 
$8.00 shipped each

Kiros Seagull *Gashapon* (display
only, BOX included, complete with weapon and stand) - $15.00
$10.00 shipped 
$8.00 shipped

Rinoa's Dog "Angelo"
*Bandai, only availible in special sets* (display only, no box) - $10.00
$8.00 shipped 
$5.00 shipped 

Ifrit Summon GF Series COLOR *not
translucent* Rare! - Bandai (display only, no box) - $10.00
$8.00 shipped (Not yet pictured)

Seifer Almasy Figure *sealed on
card* Rare Japanese version (better quality)! - Bandai (card has a slight bend
at the top) - $10.00 shipped (Not yet pictured)

Laguna Liore Bandai figure (display
only, BOX included, complete with weapon) - $15.00
$10.00 shipped 
$8.00 shipped (Not yet pictured)

Quistis Trepe Bandai figure (display
only, BOX included, complete with weapon) - $15.00
$10.00 shipped 
$8.00 shipped (Not yet pictured)

Sorceress Edea / Matron Keychain
*sealed on tag* (no wear, never used) -  $10.00 shipped

Final Fantasy IX

Garnet Til Alexandros UFO Catcher
Plush (No tag, good condition. Out of Print.) - $55.00
$35.00 shipped


Final Fantasy X
(10) / X-2 (10-2)

Doujinshi *Japanese Title* by
Crimson Comics Circle (very good condition, hard yuri, RikkuxYuna, RikkuxLulu,
RikkuxTentacles) - $10.00 shipped

Doujinshi *Japanese Title* (very
good condition, soft yaoi, AuronxTidus) - $10.00
$8.00 shipped

Final Fantasy
Tactics / Final Fantasy XII (12)

Final Fantasy Tactics Playstation
Game *BLACK label* (complete with case, working disc, and manual) - $60.00
$40.00 shipped



Arena37c Magazine October 2005
(very good condition, Diablos era, features Gackt, L'Arc~en~ciel, miyavi, Dir En
Grey, RAIN, and TM Revolution) - $13.00 shipped *heavy*



R-1 DVD Box Set (shitakiki sold
seperately. Contains Volumes 1-4 *complete*) (Box has some water damage at top
corner, hardly noticable. No Haibane Hakusho.) - $40.00 shipped -non-negotiable-

Rakka double sided shitajiki. (Never
used. New. Only included with US disc first pressings.) - $10.00 shipped

Rakka Signboard/Uchiwa Fan
*new*(features Rakka on one side and logo on the other) - $10.00 shipped with
cardboard and bubble envelope (Not yet pictured.)


How to Draw
Manga Books

How to Draw Manga (Has shelf wear.)
- $10.00 shipped $7.00

How to Draw Manga: Occult and
Horror (Like new.) - $12.00 shipped



English Manga Volume 1 (Never
read.) - $10.00 shipped  $5.00


Kingdom Hearts /
Chain of Memories / II

Kingdom Hearts 1 English Manga Box
Set (Never read. Complete 4 volumes with box.) - $40.00
$30.00 shipped


English Manga 1, 2, 3, and 10
(Never read. 10 has a tear in the cover and is only $3.00) - $10.00
$7.00 shipped each

Naruto Hidden Leaf

Village Wristband (New with tag, never worn.) - $7.00 shipped


Neon Genesis

Asuka Langely

Souryu Neon Genesis Evangelion Gashapon (Sundress, new in plastic)

- $8.00 shipped

Other (Clothing,
Jewelry ect.)

No Images Yet - Feel free to email

Black armwarmers. This set of two armwarmers should fit someone with a normal
build, in their late teens. I'm not good with measuring so. I had these
commissioned, but they were too tight for my arms, so your loss is my gain.

- $20.00 shipped

Parasite Eve /
Parasite Eve II

Parasite Eve II Bradygames Strategy
Guide (Has some wear.) - $9.00 shipped



English Manga Volumes 1, 2 (Never
read.) - $7.00 shipped each

Star Ocean / The
Second Story/ EX / Blue Sphere / 3

Star Ocean 2 / EX Shitajiki 
*Claude/Girls, Claude/Claude, and Claude/Rena availible* (First pressing EX DVD
bonuses.) - $10.00 shipped each

Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time
Bradygames Strategy Guide (Has some wear.) - $20.00 shipped *heavy*

Witch Hunter

Pin Set *DVD promo, One group pin
only + coffin case* - $10.00 shipped


Wolf's Rain

Kiba Plushie *DVD promo, out of
plastic, looks new* - $10.00 shipped


Xeno series (Xenogears,

Xenosaga Episode II PS2 Game
*sealed* - $45.00 shipped  $35.00

***NEW ITEMS**** 

Final Fantasy VIII Ifrit GF Summon Series Figure NON-TRANSLUCENT 

Final Fantasy VIII Seifer Almasy Figurine *Japanese version, MOC SEALED*

 Final Fantasy VIII Laguna & Quistis Figurines 

Death Note "N/NEAR" Beanie Hat 

Black Armwarmer set w/white trim 

Death Note Pre-Order Figurine #1 RYUUK -Out of Print now!- 

and more! 


All of my Doujinshi (Final Fantasy VII-X, Digimon Adventure Taito/Yamachi) 

Figurines (Several different variants of Rinoa, Selphie, and an Angelo/Dog and Kiros! Death Note figures.)

 MANGA (Naruto, Preist, Death Note, more) 

SHITAJIKI (Star Ocean 2)
and tons of other Anime & Video Game Goods!


If you're not happy with a price or if you need a better image of an item, don't hesitate to comment!


100% feedback on LJ and Ebay! 

Paypal preferred if buying, but money order is okay.
I also accept TRADES!


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