Kotsu (oli_days) wrote in garagesalejapan,

A few things

I'm selling a few jrock/anime things because I'm moving in july =]
I'm taking offers, so please take a look!



Screw's First album "Fusion of the Core"
Released March 14th, in PERFECT Condition. No scratches, rips, tears, dents, nothing. Comes with a card of a member. I only opened it once and flipped through it, never played.
Asking $22

Kagerou's 2 Disc "best of" type album, "Shinjuuka"
Also in perfect condition, never played but just looked through- it's beautiful!
Asking $27

BeaU's MiniAlbum "Hairu, Anguramin"
Also in perfect condition, I don't damage my cds, and comes with a slip on the top for protection.
Asking $19

Dir en grey'd Family values shirt
, size M, worn once
Asking $20

Kazuki Photobook
, from Ellegarden, Rapheal, etc, with BRILLIANT photos in it, on high gloss paper. It has about 100 pages+ and also has interviews and commentary in the back of the book, and could only be bought at LIVES.
Asking $25

Two DS games, Lost Magic and Mario Kart DS
Comes with everything you would buy it with at the store, manual, game, & case

Asking $25 each or $40 together

More pictures upon request- I don't mind taking them ^^ Also, FEEL FREE TO MAKE OFFERS!

Shipping to anywhere in the USA is $5.50 Priority mail. If you don't live in the US, please ask me about shipping.

I will take payments in conceled cash or paypal, please use thie form when ordering:

State/Providence you live in:
Payment method:

I will then email you and confirm the order. Thanks~

Thank you!

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