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selling yukata

I bought this lovely Yukata from kagayuzen but unfortunately, it turned out too short for my perferences D: It's a pity though, because the design is really lovely.

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I just want it to go to a good home rather than lying in my closet ._____.

size : It says 42 inch on the Yukata. I'm 161cm and the Yukata's around 10cm below my knee ^^

fabric : polysester (so it won't crease easily ^^)
color and design is shown in the photo(which I re-used from kagayuzen ^^") You could ask for more pics =]

Price : USD 31 excluding shipping. That's the price I paid for it and I'd just like to get it back .___. You can make an offer and negotiate but please be reasonable.

Payment method : I only accept well concealed cash. But just so you know, I've been buying and receiving things from wonderful sellers and nothing's happened before =]

Leave a comment and please to help me? XDXD"

Thanks for viewing this ^^

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