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Artbooks for sale! Cheap!

I've decided to sell some of my artbook collection to fund some new ones I really want. I'm selling most of these really cheap. These artbooks usually go for at least 40% more at conventions, specialty stores, and Japanese bookshops. The links for the various artbook go to webpages which should have info on the artbooks.

Some of the sites I've linked to have artbook review sections by people who are very knowledgeable artbook collectors and the first places I go to when I'm thinking of getting a new artbook.

Bane Huntress
Stuart's Art Book Reviews
Zeb's Artbook Collection Database

Please let me know if you want sample pictures. Shipping is $5 if you live in the USA. I combine shipping charges for several books. My email address is I accept payment through Paypal (through PayPal balance transfer or bank transfer), money order, cash (at your own risk), and gift certificate (if you want to pay by credit card).

Color Collection - Ken Mizuki
$5 (no shipping charge)

This is a collection of colored drawings by Ken Mizuki printed on thick cardboard paper for framing. You are suppose to remove the pictures from the book to display them. The box and the cover of the book are not in very good condition. No rips/tears but there are dents. The inside is in excellent condition though so the pages are great for display.

Cotton Color - Ken Mizuki
$5 (no shipping charge)

Ken Mizuki artbook with some of her colored Yoroiden Samurai Troopers art. It has 20 colored pages and 24 black and white pages. The book is in good condition with some shelf wear.

Eternal- Suezen

Very large books with rich color prints. Book is in good condition with some dents on the book cover from shelf wear.

Fullmetal Alchemist 1 - Hiromu Arakawa

Book has a .5 cm tear on the spine.

L'arc en Ciel Live - 1999 Light My Fire Tour photobook

Rare and out of print. This large hardbound oversize book is very heavy - 2 kg or 5 lbs! It has 190 full color pages of backstage and tour photos from L'arc en Ciel's 1999 Light my Fire tour. Just pages and pages of oversize color photoes of Hyde, Tetsu, Ken, and Yuki to drool over. There's a section for each of the band members, a backstage section, and a live show section. It's Driver's High L'arc at their best. The book is in great condition with slight shelf wear on the edges of the book cover and small dents on some of the corners.

Madara Colors - Shou Tajima

A luxurious limited edition artbook that's been out of print since 1999. The artbook is hardcover, covered in cloth with gold writing. Features Shou Tajima's work from his Madara series. In perfect condition.

Memory of Gaea

Rare and out of print. In great condition. This is a fantastic book for all Escaflowne fans. It has colored character illustration and stills from the anime. It also has a gorgeous set of sketches by Nobuteru Yuki of all the characters. This includes some sketches you won't see anywhere else, not even in Nobuteru's doujinshi Escaflowne artbooks, like the complete royal family of Fanelia posing for a portrait. There are also staff pictures and interviews including a set with Miki Shinichiro and Seki Tomokazu acting like dorks while playing with mini Gymelefs. The book is in good condition with some dents and wrinkles on the book jacket.

Passe Composse - Keiko Takemiya

Artbook of the famous mangaka, Keiko Takemiya, whose work "Kaze to Ki no Uta" is credited as the origin of yaoi manga. This book was published in 1979 and has been out of print for over 20 years. It's oversize hardcover with 174 pages. Of the pages, 47 pages are colored illustrations and 66 pages are yaoi manga and sketches. The price is cheap because although the book itself is in perfect condition, the jacket is not. It has a rip about 1 cm squared and dents and wrinkles.

Watermark - Narita Minako

Lovely oversize yaoi artbook by Narita Minako which features her "Natural" series. I bought this because of blankpapers's review on it with which I totally agree.


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