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DS: Gothic Lolita brand clothing items and accessories

This was crossposted to the egl_comm_sales as well.

There's a ton of stuff that I've just been hoarding for the last six months that honestly never fit right and never got to wear.   These run from sweet to punk style pieces.  I've done what I could today to try to take as many pictures as possible so you know what you are getting - but please ask me questions about them or let me know if you need more photos.

I'd like to clear this stuff out before Anime Expo and so I'm willing to consider to dump them for a loss although people who meet my preferred selling prices would be most uh... preferred.  Thus I have at the end of these my stated price but you're welcome to make an offer.  If in 24 hours no one offers more than you I'll consider your offer.  (But I might be tempted to keep hoarding it though - evil!)

Asterisked items are those that have tags or are in new condition

(Rose Chocolat Genuine leather Rhythmic ballerina shoes in size 6US / 23cm $108 + Ship )*

(Algonquins cat-eared pinstripe hoodie $108 shipped to USA )*

(Victorian  Maiden Kinari rose lace blouse for $90 shipped )

( Babyssb sailor neck blouse for $89 shipped )*

(H.Naoto Side Lacing Blouse for $85 shipped )* has some blemishes

( Peace Now Faithful Believer jacket. $70 shipped to USA )

( Black Peace Now military style aristocratic ruffle blouse $70 )

(Metamorphose pink crown tote with gold lame print $40)*

(Metamorphose black swan emblem tote with pink screenprint $35)*

k-star puff sleeve trump motif blouse $35 )

(Ling Mao kodona style hat $15)*

Lip Service Ruffly Gingham Top XS NWT for $10 )*

Offbrand velvet circle skirt with waist yoke $10  )

Black/Red Crown Scarves $8 shipped )*

HelloKitty Pula Loli keychains Figure #3 & #4 forsale )*

I accept PayPal only.  Credit Card paypal users, please add 4% to your price.
USA buyers are preferred, but international buyers please inquire for your shipped price.
Please visit linked pages to ask item-specific questions or reserve the item.

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