shindow_kitsu (shindow_kitsu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

New items, high quality images, another price slash ^^

I have lots of video games for sale. Most are part of my personal RPG collection, but I need space and money for a friend coming to move in next month!

All prices are negotiable. All prices include shipping cost in the US.

I love trades. See My Wish List

Naruto goods, Death Note hat, armwarmers, ect.

Final Fantasy VII, Witch Hunter Robin + Artbox

Manga + Book
Ark Angels, Kingdom Hearts 1 Box Set, Judas,
Priest, .hack//Legend of the Twilight, DEATH NOTE, Dante's Inferno.

Video Games
Final Fantasy XI, Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time, Alundra 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Xenosaga Episode II.

Strategy Guides
Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time

Final Fantasy VIII (Edea)
Chrono Cross (Serge)

Pencil Boards, ect.
Star Ocean 2, Star Ocean EX
Death Note
Haibane Renmei

Final Fantasy VIII (some loose, some sealed, all complete, includes Ifrit summon, Bandai, Trading Arts, and Gashapon)
EVANGELION Asuka Sundress Gashapon
DEATH NOTE dvd first pressing figures from Japan (Ryuuk, Raito/Light, Jealous)
Pokemon (Misty, Jessie)

Final Fantasy Doujinshi
Final Fantasy VII doujinshi (gag/serious)
Final Fantasy X doujinshi (explicit. Yaoi and yuri.)
Digimon Adventure (fluff, Taito)

UFO Catchers
Final Fantasy IX (Garnet) by Banpresto
The Lion King 2: Kiara

Policies/Feedback/Contact: angelchansales

I accept trades and paypal.

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