Glamour Ghoul (leannarchy) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Glamour Ghoul

WTB: stuff

Hey, I'm looking to buy some of these items and am also willing to trade for anything in my shop.

  • full metal panic figurines
  • angelic layer figurines or dvds 3+
  • miyazaki films - spirited away, kiki's delivery service
  • battle royale 1 on dvd
  • rozen maiden stuff
  • death note figurines
  • hello kitty black leggings
  • kotoko with tofu chobits figure
  • magic knight rayearth figurines, dolls, or doll outfits
  • 1:12 scale doll sword or weapon
  • nightmare, alice nine, psycho le cemu flyers
  • suikoden figurines or artbooks
  • chobits trading cards
  • kamikaze girls dvd
  • suicide club dvd

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