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Returning Member - Loads of new goodies

Hello! I'm returning from a long haitus due to a move overseas, and the fact that I was a bit of a jerk when the new posting rule came into play. I'd like to apologize for that now, to the mods and the members for my rudeness. I've adapted to many rules in other communities, and I am sure we will be able to keep this community running smoothly! Please take a look at my authentic anime and video game goods, all directly from Japan! =D

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Final Fantasy
Pretty Cure | DearS
Metroid Prime Pinball
Sailor Moon | Ranma 1/2
Capcom | Namco

So many goodies just waiting to be grabbed! I need to get rid of everything in my journal by the end of August in order to save and plan for my family's trip back to the States for our annual tradition: Neko-con X!!! Please help and support us by buying our goods. I guarantee you wouldn't find these items for less than what I'm selling them for unless you went to Japan yourself. Show me someone or someplace that has it for less, and I will beat their price!!!

Last but not least... It's a...

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That's right everyone! Buy One, Get One half price!! As usual, the half price item must be of equal or lesser value to the full price item. You can still get freebies for every $5 you spend as well!! =D Don't miss this great opportunity! Sale ends July 4th!!

CAPCOM Leo Figure $8
From the Capcom Fighting Jam Collection. Leo is a re-paint, with a white mane and gold armor (not weapon). Still in his original plastic packaging, and the box is present, too, but opened. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known which figure it was. ^^

Unknown NAMCO Game Girls $4 each
I'm not sure who any of them are, but I already have the pink one and I don't want the others. Still in their plastic and unopened capsules. The pink-haird girls are the same character, just one's in her battlesuit and the other in her swimsuit. =3 *Stand not included with swimsuit version.*

Images of parts (metallic): x | x | x | x | (color): x | (crystal): x

FINAL FANTASY CREATURES Archive: Chromium Paine's Full Throttle $6 each
Full Color, Metallic, and Crystal now available
All three figures are MINT in their original packaging, and each one comes with it's own card, though they're all the same. Cards are in near-mint condition, may have some curvature but not bends or creases. Also shown in the parts images for Color and Crystal Full Throttle are Color Ramuh and Crystal Pheonix, also mint, and also come with cards.

Parts: x | x

FINAL FANTASY CREATURES Archive: Chromuim $6 each
Shown here are Black Waltz, Tarui, Fafner and Nova Dragon. All are mint in their original packaging and come with a card.

Parts: x | x

FINAL FANTASY CREATURES Archive: Chromium $6 each
Shown here are Clear Ramuh, Giant Crab, Iron Giant and Safer Sephiroth. All are mint in their original packaging and come with a card.

Final Fantasy figures loose lot Coke figures $2 each, Creatures $4 each
These are all the loose Final Fantasy figures I have. From left to right, starting with a Coca Cola promo figure I have of Ameranth Coral from FFIX, a metallic Diamond Weapon from the Final Fantasy Creature Archives, a crystal Diabolos from the Final Fantasy Creature Archives, a metallic Reverse Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy Creature Archives, and another Coca Cola promo figure of Zell Dincht from FFVIII.

CLAMP Lawful Drug Boy $6
I've been told his name, but I can't remember. Still in his original plastic packaging, box is present too but opened.

Ranma 1/2 $8 each
Ranma (male) and Akane (bottom left)
Ranma (male) and Shampoo (top right)
My husband got doubles of these. Still in their original plastic packaging, and the boxes are present but opened.

Prett Cure Max Heart figures $5 each
Nagisa cheerleader and Mepple (far left)
Nagisa and Honoka bust figure (second from right)
Hikari waitress and Porun (far right)

Pretty Cure Gashapon figure Cure White $4
Mint her original capsule packaging, slip-sheet included, capsule not. ^^

Sailor Moon World Gashapon, Part 4 Swimsuit Mako-chan $4
Mint in her original capsule packaging.

Sailor Moon World Gashapon, Part 4 Swimsuit Minako-chan $4
Mint in her original capsule packaging.

Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles Gashapon Primera $5
Mint in her original plastic packaging.

Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles Gashapon Sakura $4
In excellent condition, displayed only, all pieces accounted for, guaranteed.

DearS Gashaphon Figure Ren $4
Capsule slip-sheet included.

Character shot: x

Love Hina Christmas Figure $5
This figure was in a bundle of figures that we bought because we wanted certain ones from it. We don't want this one, or the next few that you'll see. I don't know the condition of them, although they appear to near to fully mint. This is a figure of the girl in the upper left hand corner shown in the second image. I'm not a fan of Love Hina, so I don't know her name, sorry.

Character shot: x

Comic Party Figure $5
Thanks to chibi_death for the series info on this figure. ^^ Found in a random anime bundle, this figure appears to be near or fully mint in packaging, save for the punch-out hole in the front.

Close-up: x

Card Captor Sakura Sega Prize Figure Tomoyo $25
In excellent condition.

Close-ups: x | x

Card Captor Sakura Sega Prize Figures Sakura & Tomoyo $30 each or both for $50
Mint in their boxes.

FFX-2 Special Dressphere Figure Yuna's Floral Fallal $15
Another stock photo. She does come in her original box, and there is also a fanbook, volume 2, that is included. She's in wonderful condition. Displayed only in a glass cabinet.

Pinky St. Wild Arms: The 5th Vanguard $15
Stock photo, comes as you see it though, still in blister pack.

More: x | x | x

Mega House Cutie Model Sailor Moon figures Mercury & Venus, $100 each OBO
Both models are in excellent condition. Venus is 99.9% mint only because I took her out of the box to examine her. She hasn't been removed beforehand or since then. Mercury appears to have been displayed, but upon inspection I found her to be in excellent condition as well.

Chibi Maid Cafe cell phone straps $5 each

My Melody cell phone strap $4

Pretty Cure Max Heart Cell Phone Strap Mepple (pink) $5
I have Mepple shown with my Porun because I can get Porun as well. If you'd like Porun instead, just let me know. ^^ I'll go buy him and send him to you after I receive payment. ^^ There's also a Cure White and Shiny Luminous cell strap as well. Yuna and Sailor Moon aren't for sale, and neither is my phone. Sorry. ^^;

FFX-2 Yuna Cell Phone Strap MO please
Lol, so I fibbed. I found another one. =3 I'm not sure how much this is worth to some people. I found it on a website for $50 (outrageous o_O), and there aren't any on eBay, so... Yea, make me an offer. Blister pack not included as it is used but in very good condition. This is a stock photo. Too lazy to take pictures. XD

Pretty Cure Splash Star Flappi dangle $3
There are 3 of these kawaii little guys available. ^^v

Inside: x

Natural 2 Anime Pin $4
Found in the bundle (imagine that...). Mint in its box, though the box has been opened and shows signs of wear. Inside (second image) is a pin of the character Kumiko and a card of the character Hinami.

FFXII Collector's Pin Hashmal $4

Chobits Keychain Collection Part 1 $6 each
I have: 2 Chii, 2 Fureya, 2 Yumi, and 1 Yuzuki.

Playstation Characters Cell Phone Strap set from JP Happy Meals, $3 each*, $7 set of 3**
These nifty things came from a Happy Meal in Japan. Wish we had anime and video game toys in our Happy Meals in the US... /pout
Anyways, *if you get just one, you only get the character with the lobster claw to attach to a plain cell phone strap (can be included, just ask). **If you want a whole set (3, one of each shown) you get the wrist cell phone strap attachment that came with it. I have two of the white cat ones. Forgive me, I don't know his name.

Tokimeki Memorial Ceramic Cup $6
This was in the bundle with the figures. It was mint because I cut the tape on the box, but it was very dusty, so I cleaned it. The box is very dingy and worn, and if you buy this cup I don't plan on sending the box with it unless you want it. Thanks chibi_death for the title info!

Character shot: x

Tokimeki Memorial Ceramic Mug $6
Another cup in the bundle. This one is mint too, and not dingy or dirty like the other one *was*. The character on this mug is in the lower left hand corner of the second image.

Other views: x | x

Onegai/Please Twins CD Book $3
Also found in the bundle. The second images shows the inside, each sleeve holds one CD. Third image is the back. Thanks again to chibi_death ^^

Card Captor Sakura Wallscroll Sakura & Kero $8
This wallscroll is one of the large sizes, and it was only displayed for a short time (maybe 6 months). The back has two strange black marks on it, which I have no idea how they got there, but they don't really show through the front.

Card Captor Sakura Poster Sakura and Tomoyo $3
About the size of a large magazine when open. In very good condition with the exception of a few pin holes in the corners.

Or just go to my store to see everything I have, including Beanie Babies, stuffed animals, formal & semi-formal dresses, lots of snazzy jewelry, make-up, doujinshi and books, too! When shopping at my store, mention the code "NEKOX07" to receive the BOGO sale on anything and everything in the shop, including custom-made items (all of which are available, but rings are only via pre-order). =D

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bishoujohenshin bishoujohenshin
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