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All CD singles are $4 (except for a few that are marked as $5 or $6).
DVDs are $6.
Individual manga are $4 each, sets priced as marked.

Johnny's Entertainment goods --CDs are with all the other CDs in the CD section

KAT-TUN poster #2
front and back:

Price: $5

KAT-TUN memorial year book SOLD!

Johnny's Jr. stickers SOLD!

DUET June 2006 issue [includes huge/oversized KAT-TUN poster of all 6 members, tvlog, and PIKA^2 of Kanjani8] SOLD!

Music CDs


Chemistry - Pieces of a Dream single
Free  Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Chemistry - You Go Your Way single
Free  Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Chemistry - YOUR NAME NEVER GONE/Now Or Never/You Got Me single

~*Crystal Kay*~

Crystal Kay - Boyfriend -part II single

Crystal Kay - Kiss single

Crystal Kay - Koi ni Ochitara single

~*Do As Infinity*~

Do As Infinity - TAO single--$5

~*Domoto Tsuyoshi*~

Domoto Tsuyoshi - MACHI / DEKIAI Logic

~*Fukuyama Masaharu*~

Fukuyama Masaharu - Calling album--$7

Fukuyama Masaharu - HELLO single

Fukuyama Masaharu - HEY! single [theme song for a TV Asahi Network show about the Sydney Olympics]

Fukuyama Masaharu - Naitari Shinaide / Red x Blue single [first press, extra booklet, main theme for NHK's drama series "Wakaba"] ~Note: The first press booklet is supposed to be stained with yellow splotches on the front--$6


K - Music in My life album [first press limited edition w/DVD] **$20

So, not pictures yet! Just let me know if you want to see one. =)

~*KinKi Kids*~

KinKi Kids - Jounetsu single


L'arc~en~ciel - Ray album [limited/first press] SOLD!

L'arc~en~ciel - Shinshoku Lose Control single

L'arc~en~ciel - Spirit Dreams Inside single


Shela - Colorless album--$8
Free Image  Hosting at

Shela - Orange single

Shela - Purple single

Shela - Red single [ED theme song for Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ, theme song for Kimi ga oshiete kureta koto drama series, song for K-1 JAPAN K-1 BURNING 2000]

Shela - Rose single

~*Utada Hikaru*~

Utada Hikaru - Addicted To You single [out of print]

Utada Hikaru - Automatic/Time Will Tell single

Utada Hikaru - traveling single [note: this is the official, licensed, Taiwanese release]


UVERworld - CHANCE! single--$6

UVERworld - D-technoLife single--$6


V6 - Dasenai Tegami/Kaze wo Ukete - Keep U goin' single [theme song and another song from Neverland drama series

V6 - Orange single--$6

V6 - A Jack in the Box album [first press/limited]--$20

V6 - Super Heroes album [first press/limited]--$20

V6 - Nature Rhythm album [first press/limited]--$22

V6 - INFINITY ~LOVE & LIFE~ album [limited edition, still new and sealed]--make an offer

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA], cartridge only ***$7

.Hack//Sign volumes 2-3 [still new and sealed]--$6 each
will include the slipcovers for the limited editions if you want them




~*Junjou Romantica*~

double-sided poster from ASUKA Ciel --$5

~*Kyou Kara Maou*~

special manga slipcover from Asuka SOLD!

double sided pencil board SOLD!

mini-Roman Album Dictionary --$6

~*Love Hina*~

pencil board --$5

~*Momogumi Plus Senki*~

special manga slipcover from Asuka --$2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Magnet - Sailor Mercury--$3

Manga in English
Duck Prince [volumes 1-3]--$12
Fruits Basket [volume 10]--$4
Wallflower [volume 1]--$6
Demon Diary [volumes 1-7]--$35
Shonen Jump [January 2003 to January 2004, missing April 2003] **$2.50 each, set of 12 issues for $25

Manga in Japanese and Chinese


After 5 wa Kiss no Ame volumes volumes 1-6 by Kamo Nabako **set for $26

Anata ni Aitai by Tsuda Mamoru

Ayashi no Ceres volumes 01-10 by Watase Yuu SOLD!


Boku no Trouble Days {My Trouble Days} by Yuuya Kyou

Boy's Life by Koujima Naduki


Demon Diary volumes 1-7 by Lee Chi Hyong **set for $35

Doberman Kinshirei! by Yuutenji Ako

Dotou no Saikyou Senshi Suima-kun volumes 1-4 by Katsumi Nakagawa **set for $16


E's (Otherwise) volumes 1-4 by Yuiga Satoru **set for $15


FAN volume 1 by Yamato Nase

Flash Mode by Shima Asahi

Futaba Kyousoukyoku


Ghost! (Eerie Queerie) volumes 1-2 by Shiozu Shuri **set for $6

Gohoubi wa Sensei? Mashiba Kayo

Gravitation volumes 5, 12 by Murakami Maki [come with mini-poster inserts] **set for $8

G Senjou no Neko {Il gatto sul G.} volume 1 by Miyagi Tooko


Haru wo Daiteita volume 3 by Nitta Youka

Hitokui no Taki (Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Field Note 1) by Mamahara Erii and Arisugawa Arisu


Kawaii Hito volume 2 Konno Keiko

Kimi wa Pochi da! by Kirishima Tamaki

Kimi wa Pochi da! ~Daigakuseihen~ by Kirishima Tamaki

Kirai Kirai mo by Tateno Makoto

Kotoba no Majutsu {the spell of words} by Monchi Kaori

Kunshusama no Koi no Oaite by Koujima Nazuki


La Partita by Toyama Mako

Love Hustler volume 01 by Hiiro Reiichi


Matantei Ragnarok Loki volumes 1-7 by Kinoshita Sakura [original Gangan Comics release] **set for $24

Muteki no Kodomotachi volumes 1-4 by Hitomi Kurusu **set for $18


Nakagamike no Ichizoku {The Whole Family of Nakagamike} by Homerun Ken


Okome-chan by Takagi Ryou [I have two one copies of this]

One Night Lesson by Takagi Ryou [I have two copies of this]

Oyaji Kairou e Youkoso by Misasagi Fuhri


Paradise Kiss volume 5 by Yazawa Ai

Pink Prisoner by Ooya Kazumi

Pride by Ishida Ikue

Punch drunk babies volumes 1-3 by Hiiro Reiichi **set for $16


Renai Code (Shounen Shoufu/Love Code) {Sweet Slave Scandal!} by Hanafubuki Sakurako


Romantist Egoist by Higa Sakia


Saiyuki volumes 2-7 by Minekura Kazuya **set for $25

Seikimatsu Prime Minister volumes 1-2, 4 by Eiki Eiki

Shirahimeshou by CLAMP SOLD!

Shiritsu Araiso Koutou Gakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu volume 1 by Minekura Kazuya SOLD!

Shugorei ni Sasageru Ballad by Kasumi Ryouwa

Sweet Dandy Kurisu Hitomi


tactics volume 2-3 by Kinoshita Sakura and Higashiyama Kazuko volume 3 sold

Tonari no Chikan Densha Kitasato Ami

Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuruga Gotoku original release by Nakamura Shungiku **$5

Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuruga Gotoku Kadokawa Shoten edition by Nakamura Shungiku **$5


Umi ni Nita Sora no Iro volumes 1-3 by Takamure Tamotsu **set for $15

Umi no Mieru Yane by Kano Ayumi


Yamada Taro Monogatari volumes 6, 8-14 by Morinaga Ai and Tsukamoto Yumiko **set for $26

Vanilla volume 1 by Yamakami Riyu


Wallflower volumes 1, 3 by Hayakawa Tomoko **$6

Warito Yokuaru Danshikouteki Renaijijou {The boy's high school-love situation} volume 1 by Fujiyama Hyouta

WILD BUTTERFLY by Ihara Masaki

~*Anthologies/Magazines*~ **$5 each

B's LOG comic [July 2006]

Comic Hanaoto: For New Age [December 2004]

Generous Kiss [01] ISBN4-7567-1214-2

Laqia [13] ISBN4-89486-055-4

HanaMaru [March/April 2004]

HanaMaru [December 2005/Janaruy 2006]

Rutile [01] ISBN4-7897-8121-6

Rutile [10] ISBN4-8797-8383-9

Rutile (Scholar LC 220 Rutile Series) [01] ISBN4-7962-8820-1

Rutile (Scholar LC 236 Rutile Series) [02] ISBN4-7962-8836-8

Rutile (Scholar LC 272 Rutile Series) [04] ISBN4-7962-8872-4

Rutile (Scholar LC 289 Rutile Series) [05] ISBN4-7962-8889-9

Rutile (Scholar LC 319 Rutile Series) [07] ISBN4-7962-8919-4

~*BL (yaoi) manga in Chinese*~
I'm not really sure what they are. I bought these from a seller on eBay a while back. The condition was advertised as new for all of them and they were supposed to be by Chi-Ran.

I think they're probably Chinese translated anthologies/magazines. That is, translated versions of anthologies like BeBoy Gold and Asuka CIEL. I've taken pictures of the back covers, as well, which list artists.

Four unknown shoujo titles in Chinese:
My mom brought these back from Taiwan. ^^;;

Art books

Neutral by Sugisaki Yukiru--$20 shipped

Angel Cage by Kaori Yuki--$20 shipped

Prices are negotiable. ♥

Feedback can be found here.
Shipping: U.S. buyers preferred, will ship worldwide
Payment: U.S. Postal Money Order, PayPal (non-cc preferred), gift certificate, very well concealed cash

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