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rules are the same,

i m taking all those from the magazines i brought, there might be one or two pages are missing because they have those photo double sided, which means there might be something i want to keep too, or it is from another group.

Accept U.S. Postal Money Order, concealed U.S. dollars [on your own risk], and Paypal

on hold for 7 days.
ship when receive the money, 1st class ship within the U.S.
ship worldwise.
not conclude the shipping and handling fee in the amount i m offering
all amount are

2007 June issue of POTATO, DUET, WINKUP, MYOJO

Free Image Hosting at

total 19 pages, asking at 7USD. because they r pretty new :)


POTATO: 2007 Jan, Feb, March, and 2006 Aug, Nov, Dec
DUET: 2007 Jan, Feb, March and 2006 Feb
WINK UP: 2007 Jan, Feb, March
Myojo's:2007 Jan, Feb, Apr, May, and 2006 Oct

They are all in great condition, most of them i haven't touched since i bought them.

REMEMBER, you can always but more than one set to get discount :)

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at
10pages, 9 of them are from the news myojo i have which should be apr. and may issue. and one page from wink up about their TV program.  
17pages, and 2pages on feb. 25th concert report.
total 27 pages, asking at 10 USD+Shipping and handling


Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

10pages with 2pages on the feb. 25 th concert report, 20 pages of 関ジャニ∞, with 2pages of concert report, but mostly monthly post on differnt magazine issues.
total 30 pages, asking at 13 USD +shipping and handling

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

14pages, with 3pages on concert report and 1 page on shpta yasuda's solo con report and two pages of Attention pleas report, and 12 pages with 2 pages on concert report
total of 26 pages asking at 11 USD+shipping and handling

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

16pages, there are several pages are form POTATO that are rarely scaned. and 9pages, mostly 8 pages of Myojo with 1 page of Kindai[honostly i don't know where that is from = =]
total of 24pages, asking at 10USD

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

8 Myojo pages expcet one page is from Kindai, with a two pages of Attention Please SP,
and this a really special four pages. the frist three pages are continuous as a poster, with all the concert photo's on the back. they are not from the typical magazine, they are from Kindai, if i remember it correctly. it is all abou the concert, a lot snaps there and here.
it is the sort of the poster of KANJANI 8 CONCERT TOUR 2006--FUNKY TOKYO OSAKA NAGOYA 2006.06.04
total of 12 pages, but one as a poster, so i m asking at 7 USD+ shipping and handling


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