kawaiistickers (kawaiistickers) wrote in garagesalejapan,

NEW Milk Project Items!

All Milk Project keyboard stickers are $8 shipped EACH WORLDWIDE. Prices are non-negotiable. Combined shipping is not available for these items. All other promotions in my store DO NOT apply to these items because they are limited in stock. I only have 1 of each unless otherwise stated!

NO TRADES for these items. PAYPAL ONLY. You must pay for these items within 2 days. Items will not be held for longer than 2 days.

All keyboard stickers have enough stickers to fit ALL the keys on your keyboard except for the NUMBER PAD.

Milk Project Keyboard Sticker A - 1 in stock

Milk Project Keyboard Sticker B - 1 in stock SOLD

Milk Project Keyboard Sticker C - 1 in stock

Milk Project Keyboard Sticker D - 2 in stock

Milk Project Mechanical Pencil - 1 in stock $6 shipped worldwide


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