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various manga/anime/dj/game

Hi ^^ I'm selling off a bunch of stuff because I'm saving up money for a drum set. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these items (most are never-used or in perfect condition) except that I don't love them as much as I would love some new drums.

I'll ship wherever you want, but keep in mind that I'm in the U.S. and international shipping will be a higher price for you to pay. Shipping costs are not included in the prices listed here. Email me or leave a comment with your zip code/location and what item(s) you're interested in if you want to know the shipping cost before you decide to buy.

You can reach me at shinataku02(at)yahoo(dot)com if you have any questions. Comment or email to buy. I only accept payment through PayPal. All prices are USD.


All manga is in English and is like new, unless otherwise noted. Some of these have not been read at all, and the others read maybe once. I take extra good care of all of my books and don't let them get wrinkles or tears.

Naruto, volumes 1-4: $4.00 each
Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star, volume 1: $6.00
Cowboy Bebop, volumes 1-2: $6.00 each
Dragon Knights, volume 1: $4.00 (this book has a few tiny scuffs on the edges; it was the first manga I ever bought years ago)
Tokyo Babylon, volume 1: $6.00
Prince of Tennis, volumes 1-5: $6.00 each
Juvenile Orion, volumes 1-4: $6.00 each
Confidential Confessions, volumes 1-2: $5.00 each
Samurai Deeper Kyo, volume 1: $6.00

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz 4 of 5 $4.50

All doujinshi are in like-new condition. The most that any of them have wrong with them are a small nick or two on the corners or edges. There are no bends or tears in any of these doujinshi. I posted the front and back covers of each. Excuse my crappy picture-taking skills. *Makes things crooked*.

-Gundam Wing-


Pairing: Heero & Duo
Rating: all ages
58 pages


Gundam-W Endless Waltz Act.4 by NATTSU
Pairing: Heero & Duo
Rating: all ages
96 pages


The Gundam on the After Colony Act.3
Pairing: Heero & Duo
Rating: all ages
92 pages


The Gundam on the After Colony Act.4
Pairing: Heero & Duo
Rating: 13+
94 pages


The Gundam on the After Colony Act.7
Pairing: Heero & Duo
Rating: 16+
76 pages

-Prince of Tennis-


Unknown Title
Pairing: Fuji & Tezuka, Atobe & Oshitari
Rating: 18+
50 pages


Reach for the Sky vol.1
Pairing: Fuji & Tezuka
Rating: 18+
24 pages

-Anime DVD-

Gundam Seed volumes 1, 3, and 4
Volumes 3 and 4 are still wrapped, never been opened. Volume 1 was opened and never watched. All are in perfect condition.
$19.00 each for volumes 3 and 4
$17.00 for volume 1



Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for GameCube: $15.00
It's opened, but it was barely played.

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