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Yaoi doujinshi, be warned.

I updated more doujins on my selling page,
The doujins come from series such as D.Gray-man, One Piece, Naruto, Tales of the Abyss, HunterxHunter,Eureka Seven, Yugioh, Eyeshield 21, Prince of Tennis, Gankutsuou, and Hitman Reborn!!

If youre interested in any of these, please comment on my journal. Also in the doujinshi section, the doujins have sample pages underneath them, if you would like to view them please go to:

I take Paypal, concealed cash (at your own risk), money orders and checks.
At the moment I am trying to take as little trades as possible. I am going to Metro-con next weekend and I really really need money. I don't even have enough to pay for my hotel room right now. Though I am not taking trades, I will be willing to wager on prices somewhat. If you have any questions, just ask. ^_^

TykixAllen- Yaoi, rated R- 17$
VERY beautiful art, and the pages are all pretty and glossy.

TykixRabi shonen Ai- 10$ (If you couldnt tell I'm a huuuge Tyki Fan ;-;, i dont wanna get rid of all of these, but I'm in super need of money...;o; Tyykiiiiiiiii ;o; *huggles*

KandaxAllen Doujin, Hard yaoi/SMUT- 43 pages- 17$
 (only 2 or 3 pages of text and almost all of the pages are smut, and the art is beautiful)

SanjixZoro- PG13- shonen ai- 8$
(my favorite scene is when sanji steals zoro harimaki ((its that green thing zoro wears around his waist)its supposed to keep your stomach warm) and uses it as a scarf. <3 so cute (btw the doujing moved a lil while i was scanning it so the page looks a bit strange lol)

ZoroxLuffy- yaoi- PG15- its a cute AU doujin- 16$ -143 Pages.

ZoroxSanji (NON CON) - 13$
Zoro takes advantage of sanji during the sky piea arc.

YondaimexKakashi- PG-13- 7$

KilluaxGon- PG15- 10$
Avery cute/hot doujin featuring killua and gon ( taken place during the exam when theyre in the room waiting out the hours they "lost" during the match with the prisoners) Killua finds a way to cure his boredom >.> *cough*

IllumixKillua- PG-15- 11$
(This pairing is hard to find, but its not my OTP (just one of my fav pairings..;_;) (if anyone knows where i can get some IllumixHisoka, email meh! xD)

MoondoggiexHolland- PG15- 15$
Eureka 7 doujins are so hard to come across, especially yaoi ones ^o^ eeeeee!!!. Tho I prefer HollandxRenton, :/ (btw MoondoggiexGidget make such a hawwwtttttt couple lol <3)

AnemonexDomonic- HENTAI- NC17!!!- 14$

HirumaxSena- NC17- HARDCORE SMUT- 16$
OMG MY OTP!! WHY!!!!!! ;o; i dun wanna sell my e21 OTP doujins...;-; (I'm trying to limit having only 1 or 2 doujins of the same couple :( I hate being broke... ;_; Hiruuuuumaaaaa <3 ;-;
Anyway Hiruma is so hawt in this~ You also get to see him with his hair wet/down... <3!!!!!

KaibaxYugi- YAOI/SMUT-NC17- 15$

MomoxRyoma- PG15- 13$
A POT doujinshi by the manga artist Kadoka Kazuma. She's my favvvvv yaoi manga artist and her artwork is beautiful. <3

JadexLuke- Rated R- Yaoi- 14$

Gankutsuou Shonen Ai gag doujinshi- 11$
Most of it is Franz stalking Albert, also "Andrea Cavalcanti" makes an appearance. (Thats why I didnt want to get rid of it... ;o; hes muh fav character, I just wish there were doujins of him out there ;_; )

RebornxLambo- Rated R- Yaoi- 17$ (33 pages)

WHY LAMBO!?! WHY MUST I GET RID OF YOU!??!?! ;o; He's so effing HAWT/CUTE!!! ;-; I realllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy hate being broke!!!!! ;o; LAMBOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! ;___;

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