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FS: Clothes/CDs/Manga/Super Dollfie Goods

All items are from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Prices do not include shipping within the US.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress. Excellent condition though I bought it used, only worn twice, and sold out on Baby's website. Would fit up to a 30" waist and a 27" bust (amateur measurements). Asking $200, which is what I paid for it.

Chinese QiPao-style dress. Bought at Evangeline's Costume Mansion, tried on but never worn. Bust - 37", Waist - 31", Hips - 35" 39". Asking $25. Rickrack Sailor-Collared dress. Bought used, but in very good condition. Selling because I bought it when I was a size L; now that I'm losing weight it doesn't fit any more. Would fit up to between L and XL. Asking $25

Gothic Lolita-style corset purse with inner zippered pocket. Asking $4.

Manga: $7 each
Kill Me, Kiss Me Vol. 1 - In Fair condition.

Princess Prince - In Good condition.

FuriKuri, Vol. 1 - In Good condition.

Hazime - Tempest. This is one of the releases from the friend of a friend, a jazz musician in Tokyo. Fairly ambient jazz and percussion. The quality is good considering Hazime recorded and produced these CDs at home. Asking $8

Kaya - Masquerade single. Four tracks, sold out in most places and fairly hard to find. New condition. Asking $20

Blood - Blind Maxi-single. The plastic that holds the CD in the case is broken - however, it arrived from Jpophouse like that when I ordered it from them. :/ Good condition, except for the case. Asking $15

Various J-rock Goods:
Various Visual Kei flyers. My friend picked these up while she was in Japan in 2005 - most of them were actually hanging from the walls of livehouses. Therefore, you can expect staple holes or tape damage on the backs of them, but other than that they are in great condition. All flyers are 25 cents each, or all for $2.00, shipping included.

Undercode flyers:
*Phantasmagoria - Moonlight Revival Release flyer
*12012 - Various Release and 2004 Live Dates
*Vidooru - Various Release and 2005 Live Dates
*Vidooru - 2004 Release Advertisement and 2004 Oneman Dates

*Rentrer en Soi - 2005 Maxi-single Release (Gloss paper)
*Rabbit - Third Maxi-single and 2005 Live Schedule (Gloss paper)

Various Anime Goods:
CardCaptor Sakura fan. Cute and in New condition. Asking $2

Fruits Basket Angry Kyo plush. Please note that when I got him I cut off his tags and the white loop from the top of his head. Other than that, he is in great condition. Asking $9

Chinese-style bamboo and paper fans. Good condition, would be good for cosplay. Please specify if you want cranes or cherry blossoms. $1 each.

Various Super Dollfie Goods:
Luts Blue SD Wig. Great condition, it has been worn several times, but I have been careful with it. Very cute on boys and girls. Will arrive in its clear plastic Luts wig case and net. Asking $20

SD-scale Chinese fans. Purchased in Chinatown - originally keychains, they were cute and perfect for dolls. New condition. 50 cents each.

White Chinese Parasol. It's a little large for SD-scale, but would look very cute in outdoor photoshoots. New condition. $4

MSD-scale Slot Machine. Purchased in Las Vegas for my boy, but it's too small for SD. The arm on the side actually works and spins the display. Doubles as a pencil sharpener XD Asking $2

I have pictures of most items - if you are interested, please comment or email Tessagi AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you for looking!


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