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Music [pop, rock, indie], Anime, Manga for sale...

Prices do NOT include shipping. I am willing to barter, but the prices are already much lower than I usually ask for. This stuff just really needs to go though. All of these are personal sales; if an auction is linked, it's only for reference. My all-positive eBay feedback is [here].

As far as trading, I will go flyer for flyer, CD for CD, etc. I'm really only interested in indie stuff right now though, mostly VK. Hit me up if you're interested.

title [notes + condition] = price in usd


Jpop lyric sheets set [hits from 2003, new] = $2

Duel Jewel autograph [new] = $2

Phantasmagoria poster from Feb 2005 issue of Cure [Kisaki Final Band... brand new, never hung] = $5

Indie flyers [Tatsuya, Babylon, SIN, gazelle, Cuartet, Blanc Nero, Rentrer en Soi] = $1 each or $6 for all

The ASK - "Ano subarashii ai wo mou ichido..." single [the band that ex.DEFLOWER's Tomo joined... slightly used] = $6

SaKuRa single [can't read the name, sorry ^^; the two tracks are "Aki sora ni chiru na kumotachi" and "STORY" though... slightly used] - $6

Karla & Hazime set [kinda rocky-jazzy-indie, Hazime's website is (here)... brand new but have shipping wear from mail order], 3 albums + demotape = $18

Anime & Manga

3 Gundam Wing comic books, Episode Zero + Ground Zero [used] = $6 -PENDING SALE-

Child-size Gundam Wing backpack + pencil, notepad & puzzle [new] = $6

My Neighbor Totoro playing cards [direct from Japan and brand new, except case has some wear] = $8

Pikachu backpack/purse [slightly used] = $8

X plushie [slightly used w/ tag] = $8

Les Bijoux book 1 [brand new, English] = $8

3 random old issues of anime magazines [really used] = $8

2 Newtype mags + lots of extras!! [used] = $16

4 Animerica mags + lots of extras!! [used, same info as above except diff. magazines] = $16

Gundam Wing game cards = make offer [sorry, don't have a list right now]

Yu-Gi-Oh! game cards = make offer [list below]

  • Commencement Dance

  • Curse of Fiend

  • Invader of the Throne [holo]

  • Horn of Light

  • Lady of Faith

  • Musician King

  • The Cheerful Coffin

  • Protector of the Throne

  • Succubus Knight

  • Fissure [title is in silver]

  • Ansatsu

  • Neo the Magic Swordsman

  • Baron of the Fiend Sword

  • Hard Armor

  • Ray & Temperature

  • Dark Gray

  • Fireyarou

  • Doma the Angel of Silence

  • Hungry Burger

  • Terra the Terrible

  • Turtle Tiger

  • Vile Germs

  • The Regulation of Tribe

  • Rock Ogre Grotto #1

  • Armored Zombie

  • Ancient Elf

  • Swamp Battleguard

  • Battle Steer

  • Mystic Horseman

  • Ancient Brain

  • Lava Battleguard

  • Stim-Pack

  • Snake Fang

  • Crab Turtle

  • Earthshaker

  • Gust

I've also got a pair of h.NAOTO-style pants in juniors size 3 that you might be interested in, info [here]. Make an offer if interested.
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