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Next Friday I will be going to metro-con. Starting next thursday at  8 PM EVERY DOUJIN WILL BE PUT ON HOLD, as I will be taking them to the convention and selling them there. If you would like one of these doujinshi, hurry up and tell me because doujinshi sell fast at cons. Also I will not be doing any trades!
If you would like sample pages i would not mind scanning a couple (there are a few available on the doujinshi section of my journal. If you have any questions please ask. ^_^

Also I take Paypal,concealed cash, check, and money orders.

The ratings are:
PG- love confessions etc
PG13- kissing and "nudity" (no sex)
PG15- sex but you cant see any genitalia
R- general sex
NC-17- Hardcore smut (The REALLY dirty/Pervy kind where there is sex almost on every page xD)


This is a very cute doujin that is 25 pages (50 if you count front and back) and features all the characters.... There is quite a bit of OOC as well, but sometimes thats a good thing. Theres also a scene where you get to see Testament in a dress.... <3

Shonen ai- 50 pages (not including front and back) OgataxAkira

A cute romantic 22 page doujin about Wakka and Lulu.. ^^


SigurdxBart -14$ SigurdxBart Yaoi/Smut

SigurdxBart- 16$ Yaoi/Smut

SeiferxZell -Shounen Ai 14$

SeiferxZell- Shounen Ai- Filthy Bleu - 15$

GinxAizen gag shounen Ai- 9$

GinxHitsugaya - 12$ (Smutttt)
(I originally bought this because my obsession for Gin makes me buy anything  Gin related..xD but when i was reading it I felt like I was betraying She's the only thing they have in common imo, I like MatsumotoxHitsugaya but I also like GinxMatsumoto... so when i started reading it i was like "noooooooo poor matsumoto!~ ;o; " (but its hotttt~!!!) btw its a lil shota-ish considering how old hitsugayas body is... )

Light Yaoi Slam Dunk Doujin - Street Hoop- 9$

Slam Dunk yaoi Anthology 3- 14$
( 315 pages )

EveryonexSena... lol (Shounen Ai gag doujin) - 14$

ZoroxNami romance doujin- 13$
(very pretty art <<<333) (my fav OP het couple ^^ )

One Piece -SmokerxTashigi Hentai doujin- 16$
(rare pairing, hard to find)

HxH doujin- slight gag - 6$

Hikaru No Go- Melty Sugar Maple- 13$
verrry~ cute doujin!! Theyre kinda like a lil family... its sooo adorablllle

Dbz doujin- Tanbakikaku- 7$
(heh they spelled Vegeta
Basically its got a lil BulmaxVegeta and a bunch of chibi vegeta bein cute ^^

DaisukexKen shounen Ai doujin- 13$

Yugioh YAOI doujin- KaibaxYugi- 17$

Zabuza/Haku & Haku/Naruto- 18 pages-Rated R (small smut scene included) - 16$

Itachi/Sasuke- 18 pages -Rated R (small smut scene included) - 15$

Gintoki/Katsura- School Affairs- PG-13 - 12$

Inui/Kaidoh- Jet Monster- PG-13- 14 pages- 14$

YoruichixSoiFonxKon (in ichigos body)- NC-17!!! - 18 pages- 14$

LloydxZelos- (Hardcore) comes with a translation (i originally bought this for 40$ and it came with a translation) - This is a bidding item. Bidding starts at 17.00$

BalthierxBasch shonen ai Doujin- 35 pages- Bidding starts at 14$

Sample page from the BalthierxBasch doujin

Utena all character doujin- lil bit o romance (PG-13)- 8$

Back cover

Princess Mononoke- Ashitaka/San- PG- 6$

TsumexKiba- Rated R- 13$- 13 pages

AschxLuke- rated R-18 15$

HisokaxGon (SHOTA)- 14$

SmokerxAce- Yaoi One piece doujinshi- 16$ - Rated R- 26 pages (3 or 4 pages with text)  (sample page)

KandaxAllen - (some text) shonen ai- 8$

RabixKanda- shonen ai/gag (half text) 6$ (you can get the kandaxallen and this one both for 12$)

KomuixAllen (Very HARD yaoi) - 18$ (20 pages, about 17 out of 20 of those pages contain GRAPHIC smut...xD)

SanjixZoro- PG13- shonen ai- 8$
(my favorite scene is when sanji steals zoro harimaki ((its that green thing zoro wears around his waist)its supposed to keep your stomach warm) and uses it as a scarf. <3 so cute (btw the doujing moved a lil while i was scanning it so the page looks a bit strange lol)

ZoroxLuffy- yaoi- PG15- its a cute AU doujin- 8$

ZoroxSanji (NON CON) - 13$
Zoro takes advantage of sanji during the sky piea arc.

SanjixZoro- R- 15$
jeez bubble butt much zoro? xD

YondaimexKakashi- PG-13- 7$

KilluaxGon- PG15- 8$
(A doujin titled "Lemoned I scream" named after the song hideto matsumoto made (R.I.P> hide <3 ;o; )

IllumixKillua- PG-15- 10$
(This pairing is hard to find, but its not my OTP (just one of my fav pairings..;_;) (if anyone knows where i can get some IllumixHisoka, email meh! xD)

MoondoggiexHolland- PG15- 15$
Eureka 7 doujins are so hard to come across, especially yaoi ones ^o^ eeeeee!!!. Tho I prefer HollandxRenton, :/ (btw MoondoggiexGidget make such a hawwwtttttt couple lol <3)

AnemonexDomonic- HENTAI- NC17!!!- 14$

HirumaxSena- NC17- HARDCORE SMUT- 16$
OMG MY OTP!! WHY!!!!!! ;o; i dun wanna sell my e21 OTP doujins...;-; (I'm trying to limit having only 1 or 2 doujins of the same couple :( I hate being broke... ;_; Hiruuuuumaaaaa <3 ;-;
Anyway Hiruma is so hawt in this~ You also get to see him with his hair wet/down... <3!!!!!

(these were the only ones that werent too hardcore to Hiruma you sex fiend <3~ lol )

KaibaxYugi- YAOI/SMUT-NC17- 15$

MomoxRyoma- PG15- 14$
A POT doujinshi by the manga artist Kadoka Kazuma. She's my favvvvv yaoi manga artist and her artwork is beautiful. <3

JadexLuke- Rated R- Yaoi- 14$

Gankutsuou Shonen Ai gag doujinshi- 12$
Most of it is Franz stalking Albert, also "Andrea Cavalcanti" makes an appearance. (Thats why I didnt want to get rid of it... ;o; hes muh fav character, I just wish there were doujins of him out there ;_; )

RebornxLambo- Rated R- Yaoi- 18$ (33 pages)

WHY LAMBO!?! WHY MUST I GET RID OF YOU!??!?! ;o; He's so effing HAWT/CUTE!!! ;-; I realllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy hate being broke!!!!! ;o; LAMBOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! ;___;

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