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Hitachiin brothers magnets!

Hitachiin brothers magnets!

These magnets are great for lockers and dorm room doors! They are a great size! 3x3 or larger!
This images are from the Anime Ouran High School Host Club and are super kawaii!

They are $2.00 each or $10.00 for all six.
Shipping is $2.00 for domestic and $3.00 international
Paypal or concealed cash. Email and Paypal address is:

Twins #1

Twins #2

Twins #3

Twins #4

Twins #5

Twins #6

I have available 10 of each!

MAKE SURE YOU SAY "I want twins#..."

But they are really popular at Cons!
Coming soon to a post near you, HONEY!
Thank you and any questions email me at

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