Yuiren-san (violeteves) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I am offering the following manga up for sale. They are all brand new, some never even read. There are no page tears and no cover wear (I'm picky about my stuff, hehe.) There is also a Kite' DVD.

Kite - DVD - $10 brand new

MANGA for $5

Shaolin Sisters Volume 1
Shaolin Sisters Volume 2
Shaolin Sisters Volume 3

CLAMP School Detectives Vol. 1

Megatokyo Vol. 1 (original release, not by Darkhorse)

Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 1

Inu Yasha Vol 1

Real Bout High School vol. 1
Real Bout High School vol. 2

Miracle Girls Volume 1-3 for $5 total.
Shipping on every book is $2, but I combine shipping. I prefer Paypal, but will take money orders or concealed cash at your risk.
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