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Lots for sale~

This is your last chance to buy at a set price before I put them on eBay. =) You're gonna need to nab them before Sunday night my time (CST).

- Shipping for CDs and DVDs is $5.50 for priority mail (up to 3 CDs or 2 DVDs). I can ship first class if you'd like cheaper shipping, but it'll take a bit longer. CDs'll be around $3 (up to 3 CDs) and DVDs at $4 (up to 2). If you live outside of the USA, shipping will be $10 for airmail for CDs and DVDs. Just ask for pricing details, really. =) I do include packaging costs.
- I take Paypal and cash only.
- Everything is in great condition because I take care of my material possessions as if they were my own offspring. :D (Yes, I feed and bathe them. Um...)
- If I say it's a sample CD, THIS DOES NOT MEAN BOOTLEG. Sample CDs are made in Japan and are Japanese versions of the CD, but they aren't sold in stores. They're generally given to radio stations and other media stores days before the CD's release. In laymen's terms, you pay less money for the exact same booklet, disc, and quality that you would with the regular version. The ONLY thing different about these CDs is that they generally say "SAMPLE" around the inner side of the disc and a small paper strip on the back of the case saying "sample".

Annz Limited Edition Marin with red hair doll - $130
Only 50 pieces were made of this limited edition Annz doll, sold exclusively at a Kyoto doll show. She is 1/6 scale and has only been displayed out of the box, never played with. She comes with everything you see in the pictures. Her accessories (hat, basket, shoes) come in ziploc bags as I no longer have the original bags. She's in perfect condition and will come with the box. Shipping will be $10 for priority and $7 for first class.

bird - Double Chance - $8
Comes with a colored pencil inside the case so you can color the booklet if you so desire. This is a sample CD.

Excel Saga Vol.1 - $10
Excel Saga Vol.2 - $10
I've only watched these both maybe once or twice.

Kingyo Chuuihou Vol.1 - Gakkou Daisuki!! - $20
Kingyo Chuuihou Vol.2 - Shininaka no Chuu e Oide yo!! - $20
Both are OOP, hard to find, original Japanese editions of these vocal collections from the old anime.

Miyaji Mao - Sahana Sazuki (CD+DVD) - $6
Only ripped the CD, scanned the booklet, and put it back in the case. Comes with a DVD of the PV and making of it. This is a sample CD.

Re*GirL - Fantasy - $7
Only ripped the CD and scanned the booklet.

route0 - Waku Waku It's Love - $6
route0 - Painting - $6
Neither comes with an obi, sorry!

Saito Michi - Dakara.... - $5
This is a sample CD.

Various Artists - Sweet -for emotional memories- - $15
Contains songs used in dramas. Includes Rebecca, Hikki, and Onitsuka Chihiro among many.

The Indigo - Indigo Suite (best compilation) - $7
This is a domestic release from Geneon.

Ueto Aya - Kanshou / MERMAID - $5
Ueto Aya - Kizuna (LTD ED) - $14
First one comes with a slipcase. The second one is a limited edition and as a result is no longer printed. It comes with a bonus CD-ROM of Aya goodies. The original case won't come for the CD-ROM, but it was just a regular single case anyway (reference the picture for new case).

Thanks for looking!! :D

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