Kotsu (oli_days) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling 3 NDS items.

Selling three items, two games, one DS.
I'm looking for offers!! I've really got to get rid of these!

Silver Nintendo DS

NDS is sold just as shown. [If intrested, I can take more pictures. =D]

There are covers on the two screens, so no scratches on the top screen, the bottom screen has a couple from playing, but in GREAT condition. It comes with a green stylus and the charger, and if wanted, I will include the extras free:

DS case and games cases [fits in the ds case]

I'm asking for $80 shipped [priority + confirmation/registered] at the moment, but I am willing to go lower. [And very much so~]

And then...

Two DS games, Lost Magic and Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

Lost Magic [left] and Mario & Luigi [right]

They come with everything originally bought with it, case, manual, pamplets, and game. 
I'm asking $30 each or $50 together. 


I'm looking for offers!! I've really got to get rid of these!

As for payment, I want to only accept paypal, but if that is not possible, WELL concealed cash or a money order is fine. 

Please use this form for the simplicity of it:

Payment Method:
Any question/comment:

Thank you!!

Thank you~

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