Ms Gabi (7vices) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Ms Gabi

cheap mint-condition goods

$8 each

o march 02
gal hair & make guide issue
170+ pages!

o february 04
luxury issue
240+ pages!

o april 04
namie amuro cover + photoshoot!
330+ pages!

o june 04
crazy for bikini issue
270+ pages!

o august 04
avril lavigne cover
240+ pages

hide - ALIVEST

KRA - ぼくとの秘密(2nd プレス)

i apologize, but i can only accept payment through cash or US money order.
i have never had a problem with cash lost in the mail, just make sure you conceal it well between two pieces of paper, or use another similar method.

shipping anywhere in the world is $3. (^o^)

if interested, comment here with your email, or email me at

thank you for looking! (^o^)
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