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Another scammer...?

It has suddenly hit me that there may be another scammer in the community.

I was wondering if anyone has gotten their items that they've ordered here. Its a bunch of jrock (Dir en grey, La'Mule, X Japan... etc) and anime stuff that she was selling.

Then there was another friend who relisted them here.

I sent out my order 2-3 weeks ago for the Haiiro no Ginka she was selling and I've never gotten an email back from her. I emailed her/him earlier today, and I have yet to get an answer.

The thing that's bothering me the most is that they have no friends listed, and they only have this community as their only community.

Just thought I'd ask around, maybe I'm wrong. If I am, I will apologize and delete this entry, but if I'm not, I guess I gave everyone else a warning... o_O;
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