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Hey gang, here's a repost of the stuff I put up...

honnou, your offer of $3.50 for the capricorn keychain is fine. Shipping will be $4 by priority, or like $2 by first class.

As for the rest of you... here's the Full Moon wo Sagashite watch again. The picture's not so great, but the watch is awesome. It does need a new watch battery, but they're easy enough to replace. (The watch is old, man, the battery had to die someday.)

It features Meroko and Takuto in animal form, and the cover flips up to reveal a small analog face with Mitsuki underneath. The band says "Ribon" at one end.

It's really rare, as far as I was told, so I'm not sure how much I'm looking to sell it for, but I do know I want to sell it. Offers can be posted here! ^_^
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