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Loads of Manga, tapes, DVD's, CD's, ect.

Check it out!

I still have my Gundam Wing Photo/Character books available:

Here are some other things:

VHS: Prices negotiable

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 1 English dubbed: All in good shape and working order
asking price $20 for the series

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2 English Dubbed: All in good shape and working order
asking price $30 for the series

Rayearth OAV from Manga Video: All in good shapes, watched only a hand full of times
$10 for all three videos

Neon Genesis Evangelion vol #1 VHS: contains episodes 1&2

Cardcaptors the movie: English Dubbed: asking $5


Robotech: The Macross Saga: First Contact Vol.#1 Episodes 1-6. Like new, only watched a couple of times: asking $5

Cardcaptor Sakura: Final Judgement. Episodes 44-47. Japanese with English Subtitles. Asking $7 SALE PENDING

Scooby Doo the movie full-screen edition. Asking $3

Rurouni Kenshin Wandering Samurai. Vol.#1 The Legendary Swordsman Episodes 1-4. Asking $5


Tokyo Babylon Volume #7 in Japanese: asking $7

Chobits vol# 1-5 English from Tokyo Pop: Asking $15 for the set or $3 each. SALE PENDING

Gundam Wing vol# 1-3 English from Mixx Manga: Asking $7 for the set SALE PENDING

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, English from Tokyo Pop: Asking $3 SALE PENDING

Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 1&2, English, from Viz: Asking $10 together
or $7 each (they're the first editions before Viz went to the smaller format, so they're large and originally more expensive.)

Meet Sailor Venus: Love. Sailor Scout Guide. English from Mixx. Asking $5.

Meet Sailor Mars: Fire. Sailor Scout Guide. English from Mixx. Asking $5.

Clamp School Detectives Vol. #1 English from Tokyo Pop. Limited Edition free color poster still inside. Asking $5

Man of Many Faces vol. #2 English from Tokyo Pop. Asking $5.


Fushigi Yugi TV series Songs Complete Collection: Any song in the series, it's probably here. It's a 3 cd-set with book insert. The book insert is slightly damaged, the staples came loose from the bining, but the insert art is still nicely intact. Asking price $20

Fushigi Yugi Love Ballads (from the OVA) Asking $7

Magic Knight Rayearth: Best Collection Asking $7

Gundam Wing Operation 2: Asking $7

Gundam Wing Operation 3: Asking $7

Gundam Wing Operation 4: Asking $7

Sailor Moon English TV series version: Asking $3 SALE PENDING

Sailor Moon and the Scouts: Luna Rock. English CD. Asking $3 SALE PENDING


Mobile Suit Gundam: Garma Zabi action figure (English) Asking $2

Mobile Suit Gundam: Amuro Ray action figure (English) Asking $2

Inuyasha Action Pack. Includes the first volume of the tv series (episodes 1-3) and volume 1 & 2 of the manga. The box it came in is damaged both from wear and from me accidentally sitting on it, but it's in decent condition. Asking $10.

Babylon 5 Ambassador Delenn doll (no kidding...they were selling them at Toys R Us years ago.) the box is dusty and worn from sitting and being exposed to sunlight, however the box has never been opened. Asking $5.

Shipping: I'm only selling within the United States, sorry folks. Once I have varified you as the buyer, leave your zipcode as a comment or e-mail it to me at

Payment: I will contact the buyer about a payment method. I have a paypal account. I also accept check and concealed cash, however if you are using cash, it is at your own risk. If you use cash or check, I will not ship the item until the payment is recieved. If you use a check, I will not ship until it has been cleared.

If you have any questions or anything, either leave a comment or email me at

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