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Please ignore the prices I have beside the items, willing to sell/trade these just so I can get some extra money now. Make me an offer, click the link below to see what I have! Again, you see something you like/want let MAKE AN OFFER! I also got a few Sailor Moon items to sell/trade, I'll get pictures of them up later if people are curious about them. If anyone buys anything I will toss in a free Beanie Baby TY as a gift.

~~~Rigion One Movies~~~
(i don't have pic's for some of these movies, since a friend of mine changed his mind after two weeks...)

Sakura Wars TV Series: Whole set 1-26
Vol. 1: Opening Night
Vol. 2: Overture
Vol. 3: Crescendo
Vol. 4: Intermission
Vol. 5: Stage Fright
Vol. 6: Curtain Call

Sakura Wars: OVA Collection

Someday Dreamers BOX SET
vol. 1: magical dreamer
vol. 2: power of love
vol. 3: precious feelings

VAN HELSING: The London Assignment

Dracula 2000: 10.00

CowBoy BEBOP: The Movie Special Edition:

Shrine of The Morning Mists Vol. 1: (10 ep's)

Kai Doh Maru Ova

Angel Scantuary(Not sure if I want to sell this having a hard choice)(On hold)

Real About Samurai Girl Boxset


Kim Possible: The Secret Files

Don't Say A Word

Big Trouble

Free Image Hosting at

~~~Hong Kong Imports~~~

Please Sensei!
(Hong Kong: Japanese Audio only)

Ai Yori Aoshi; Perfect Collection:
(hong kong with english/japanese audio)

(hong kong perfect collection with english/japanese audio)

~~~~~~~~~~~~NON DVD Goods~~~~~~~~~~~

Free Image Hosting at

The Vampire Armand(tape audio story)
The Vampire Lestat(tape audio story)
Merrick(cd audio story)
Classic Tales of Horro and Vampires(tape audio)
****All Four of these items are $15.00 to buy.

Descendents of Darkness Vol. 1(english)

Sailor Moon SS UFO: BSM-92:
(missing tag, but has tush tag)

Sailor Mini Moon SS UFO: BSM-93:

DVD/CD Set: Linkin Park: Live in Texas (disks are fine, but the case is slightly shabby)

Playstation 2:
Arc The Lad: Twilight of The Spirits
Dynasty Warriors 2

Playstation 1: Dracula The Last Sanctuary and Dracula The Ressurrection(comes with ps1 card as gift)

V:TM REDEMPTION(PC game), Players Guide and game mannuel:

Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix(paper back/never read got the
boxset at xmas)

Snake/Sword display(good gift or person who's a Harry Potter/Slytherin fan. See picture) $30.00
SIDE NOTE: On this item shipping WILL be more and you MUST be 18 or older to buy it as the sword IS sharp, and not met for kiddies.(Will not trade on this)

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at


Sai-Yuki English dvd's, and the movie
Sailor Moon Season 5(SP ed Hong Kong DVD set)
Peacemaker Vol. 2 AND UP
Gravitation Vol's 2-4
Stargate SG-1 Seasons: 5, 6, 7, and 8

Manga wise I need these titles(english only):
Kizuna Vol 2-3
Eerie Queerie 2+
Vampire Game Vol 1-14
PeaceMaker Vol 2+
Kenshin 8, 9, and 10+
Legal Drug 2
Any Clamp Manga's!(no chobits or sakura)

As for now that's all I can think of. Anything with Yaoi in it is
another thing I like. If you have items I might be interested in, feel free to list them! ALL ITEMS COME FROM SMOKE FREE HOME!
I will ship outside of the us, but I can only take PAYPAL payments
is US funds. Shipping I can get for you later, once I make a trip to
the post office. Any question's feel free to ask! Those of you in
the US, Money order or cash only. Like paypal payments more.
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