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Somethings I want to sell (I am sorry I don't have pictures right now but my digital camera is acting funny and I haven't loaded it the program to recieve pictures):

VHS (each $5 and each dubbed):
Sailormoon SuperS: The Eclipse (Contains 3 Episodes)
Sailormoon SuperS: The Black Dream Hole (Without a cover but in perfect condition)
Sailormoon S: Hearts in Ice (Without a cover but in perfect condition)
Sailormoon: The Power of Friendship (Contains 4 Episodes)
Sailormoon: Scouts Unite! (Contains 2 Episodes and orginal Buena Vista release)
Tenchi Tokyo: A New Challenge ($8 but is subbed)

DVD ($15)
G-Saviour The Movie (Rarely Watch)


Misc, Non-anime items:

Sheet Music Books
Something for the Girls (Pop music) ($9 and in good condition)
Backstreet Boys ($19)

My Dear America books (about 12 of them) ($5) [If anyone wants me, I can email the book list to see what you want]

Backstreet Boys: Black and Blue 2001 World Tour (It has a keychainer holder and a pass but the back is scratched if shined on, $10)
Sonnet Radio (Is a Mini Compro AM/FM LCD Clock Radio with Detachable Speakers, $5)
Candle Sticks ($.50)

I will only accept Money Orders. x.x;

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