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Still Selling!! New items added! All must go...

My selling journal ryunosales Has been updated : )

New items Include:
- 17" Inu-yasha plushy
- 12" Tails Plushy [Sonic the Hedgehog]
- Anime DVD's [ Sailor Moon, Yugioh, Yu Yu Hakusho, GTO]
- Figures [ Shirtless Edward, Tenchi, Escaflowne (Van, Hitomi and Escaflowne set)]

New items in this post
Bleach Pluhies, Anime Keychains, Figures, and a Fruits Basket Wall Scroll
FMA Clear Files and Pencil Boards

Anime Artbooks [Series Include: Inu-yasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Angel Sanctuary, Ayashi no Ceres Celestial Legend, CLAMP North Side, and Magic Knight Rayearth Tokyo Pop Edition volume 2 ], How to Draw Manga Books, Magic Knights Rayearth Season II Box Set DVD

Manga [ DNAngel, Loveless, Gundam: The Last Outpost, Sorcerer Hunters, El-Hazard, Full Metal Panic, etc., ] , Juvenile Orion Art Book, Phantasmagoria Poster

Posters [ Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Sailor Moon and Inu-yasha
Doujinshi [ 1 Escaflowne (Allenx Van and FolkenxDilandau), Trigun (WolfwoodxVash) ]

Payment Types Accepted: CC-Pay pal and Money Orders
E-mail: Hydra_Marusumi@hotmail.com
Feedback: Here
Where I ship to: Within the US Only!

I also do trades! If you have anything on my Wishlist I may be willing to trade. Right now I'm on the hunt for Weiss Kreuz goods! Especially SchuldigxCrawford and YohjixKen Doujinshi.

Questions or if you're interested in anything? Please e-mail me, leave a comment here or at my journal.

Thanks for looking ^_^
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