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for sale

Hello everyone,

Currently I'm in the process of setting up a sales journal. So far I have the following for sale:

~J-Rock/Pop CDs (Baiser, GLAY, anti-kranke, Sleep My Dear, Blüe, Balzac, Chisato, Gisho, HYDE, FLAME)
~J-Rock/Pop/Idol magazines (SHOXX, Cure, Arena 37°, UV, mint's, NewsMaker, PatiPati, Oricon Style, Wink Up, duet, Kindai, GLB)
~flyers (Gackt and PIERROT)
~Japanese manga
~German manga
~three artbooks (Tokyo Babylon, NGE, Weiß Kreuz)
~two anime DVDs
~a huge Chii plushie

please check out glamorousales! Don't forget to read the rules in the userinfo.

Prices ARE negotiable!!

Thanks! :)
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