tachikoma_sales (tachikoma_sales) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WANTED: Sumomo Yumeka works

Wanted: Same Cell Organism and The Day I Became a Butterfly.
I'd also be interested in trading for Antique Bakery 2-4

Right now, I can only offer a trade for it, here's what i have available:

Only the Ring Finger Knows, DMP
Passion 1, DMP
Cafe Kichijouji 1, DMP
La Esperanca 1, DMP

Hero Heel 1, June

Gerard and Jacques Volumes 1-2, Blu (complete)
Shinobu Kokoro, Blu
Love Mode 2, Blu

FAKE Volumes 6+7, Tokyopop
Liling Po Volumes 1+2, Tokyopop

These are all in like new condition! I'm looking to trade in the US, hopefully with someone with feedback. Thanks!
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