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Hi there~ I finally decided to sell some things I've been holding onto for who knows how long~! One of these is a lot of 36 Shonen Jump issues (and, no, my cat [upper right] is not for sale xD).

This lot includes the following issues:

August 03 - 8
September 03 - 9
October 03 - 10
November 03 - 11
December 03 - 12
January 04 - 13
February 04 - 14
March 04 - 15
April 04 - 16
May 04 - 17
June 04 - 18
July 04 - 19
August 04 - 20
September 04 - 21
October 04 - 22
November 04 - 23
December 04 - 24
January 05 - 25
February 05 - 26
March 05 - 27
April 05 - 28
May 05 - 29
June 05 - 30
July 05 - 31
August 05 - 32
September 05 - 33
October 05 - 34
November 05 - 35
December 05 - 36
January 06 - 37
February 06 - 38
March 06 - 39
April 06 - 40
May 06 - 41
June 06 - 42
November 06 - 47

Some of these are in used condition, where others are in like new condition. Shipping is only to the US and is through the USPS. (There's no UPS around me, sorry. :/ Not driving 30 minutes to drop it off. xD;)

Start bidding on this item today~ Bidding starts at 10$.

I also have the following for sale:

Read once or twice, never touched again. My manga shelf got too big, so this had to go. I'm asking maybe 4$ for one, 8$ for the set, shipping included.

Scroll only :: Package only :: "wear" (actually errors from the manufacturer) :: Package close-up

This is really old. I got it in... I believe 2000. Hung up once or twice, never touched otherwise. Package was folded up to save for later, ended up near worthy of throwing out. I will send the packaging only if you want it. I'm weird and hold on to things like that. xD;

July '05

wear :: Nana feature
Asking for maybe 3$ for this -- shipping's up to you. There's only the wear pictured here and that's all that's really wrong with it.

January '06

This is in excellent condition. :3 4$, shipping at your discretion? Sadly, this isn't including the neat little calendar they gave away since it's ruined beyond belief. ^ _^;

April '06

Just some spinal damage -- this has been read once and then shelfed. 4$ - shipping at your whim.

Glue is coming undone on the box and there's a few bent corners/etc. Never removed from the box, given to me as a present. Your call on the price since I have no clue how much it's going for. If you see some one else offer before you, try to beat them. Best offer by 08/07 wins it.

Ordered with the Neon Genesis Evangelion technical manual/whatever it was. Never read since I have the French versions of the NGE manga. 7$ WITH shipping.

Grrl Power volume one -- barely touched, automatically shelfed. Name a price.

September '02

wear :: Table of Contents
This is really old and in really great condition, especially for its age. Name a price that will include shipping.

April '04

This is in great condition, barely any damage. Read maybe once or twice... It hasn't been touched within the last year but for pictures so far. Name your price including shipping.

March '05

Also great condition, flipped through once. Name your price. :3

Poster wasn't taken out, this is a duplicate copy of one I have already. Bought a mag at the Jrock Rev. booth before the 12012 concert and got this for free. x_X; No damage is on it, and the poster has never been opened. Name your price (shipping included) for this.

Silent Möbius Blood comics 3 thru 5. Got these in a comic store and never ever knew they existed before. lol;; Read once, in excellent condition. Name your price including shipping.

These are freebies, but, if you don't want anything else, I'll maybe charge 50 cents to ensure safe arrival.

wear :: inside
Electric Pikachu Boogaloo 1
Read and read WELL. This has gone around friends and there's wear to show. Bent corners, price sticker damage, and so on. The book no longer has an arc when you open it, but lies flat instead.

Five issues of Animerica seasonal are up for grabs. Nothing much inside of them, but I still collected them. xD; I believe these are: June '05, Sept. '05, Spring '06, Winter '06, and Jan. '07.

Ultramaniac free chapter. I forgot where I got this. xD;;

BJ wear :: DBZ episodes wear
Oi! VHSes. xD Dear lawds, take these please~! I don't watch them/never watched them. Black Jack, DBZ: Lord Slug, and... DBZ with Majin Buu (I forget which one exactly).

I accept PayPal, concealed cash, and checks. All shipping is from the US and is through the USPS. All prices should be in USD. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or email me.

I also have college books for sale if you're interested. xD; I know, I know, "random, el oh el", but... w/e. xD;

NOTE: none of these prices are set in stone if there are prices. If no one goes for them this round, they'll be placed on eBay. :)
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