Almighty SPOOn's ... thing (rivetspoon) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Almighty SPOOn's ... thing

Manga and Anime for sale!

English Manga:
  • Angel Sanctuary 1-11
  • Blame 1-2
  • Cantarella 1
  • EDEN 1-3
  • Godchild 1
  • Gorgeous Carat 1-2
  • Mermaid Saga (original 3 volumes, flipped)
  • Parasyte 1-12 (Original Tokyopop version, flipped)
  • Ranma 1/2 1-10 (Smaller reprint, unflipped)
All manga are in like new condition, with the exception of Mermaid Saga and Parasyte. Mermaid Saga has some shelfwear, and was read by another owner before me. Each volume is still firmly bound and readable, with no bent pages. Parasyte has minor shelfwear, but has no creased spines or bent pages.

Make me an offer. I need to sell these. I live in Southern California, and books are heavy, so keep shipping in mind.

  • Big-O DVD 1 + 4
  • Gatchaman DVD Collection 1
  • IRIA - Zeiram the Animation VHS 1-3 (dubbed)
  • Kiki's Delivery Service VHS (dubbed)
  • Mirage of Blaze DVD 1-4 on hold
  • My Sexual Harassment DVD on hold
  • Plastic Little VHS (dubbed)
  • URDA: Third Reich DVD
All DVDs are in like-new condition, with the exception of Mirage of Blaze, which was purchased Used; the DVD case has the Price tag on it, and the vinyl shows signs of dehydration. DVDs play perfectly, no scratches.
All VHSs have some shelfwear and have been watched a few times, though they still play beautifully. The boxes are still in good shape, the paper boxes with minor wear-and-tear at the bottom corners.

Make me an offer. I need to sell these.

I will provide pictures upon request; my camera is on the fritz, otherwise there would be pictures already. :) My e-mail is Tsura at pacbell dot net. This is my first posting, so my apologies if this was posted improperly.

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