charice (bunglur) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling Ayumi Hamasaki CD Singles (Lower Prices)

I am selling 2 Ayumi Hamasaki CD singles!
(I have a lot more to sell, but can't find any at the moment...took forever to find these two) I'll post more when I find them!

Fly high - $15.00
BLUE BIRD (CD+DVD) - $5.00

Payment: I accept Paypal (Non CC) and Concealed Cash (At your own risk!)
Shipping: I only ship to the US. The price of shipping will vary, based on where you live. You can email me with your zip code, and which cd you want to buy, and I will calculate shipping costs for you.
Other: If you have any other questions, you can send me an email about anything!

Also, I will add better pictures when my digital cameras battery is done charging :)

Fly high (Japan Version)

Condition: Case+Insert are a little scratched, but the CD is near mint.
Price: $17.00 + shipping..? I don't really know how much this is worth right now...I can always go a bit (or a lot) lower!

BLUE BIRD (CD+DVD) (Overseas Version)

another picture
Condition: Near mint...hardly ever touched.
Price: $7.00 + shipping. Again, I really have no idea what to price these I'm just guessing. I can always go lower with this too!

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