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Kenshin Manga's!

I listed all my Anime Item's well most of them anyway on Ebay. I finally got my manga's back from my younger sister. So here's the word on those. Also I'm looking for Vampire Game the manga, if anyone has the mangas willing to sell or trade let me know!

Kenshin SJ English Manga's Vol's 1-3 are in near semi-mint shape I'm asking 11.00 for all 3 of them.

Vol's 4-7 Have NEVER been read, they've just been sitting on a self mixed with goosebumps. I'm asking 7.00 each for those so total for all 4, $28.00

Total for all the books: 39.00 and if you get them all I'll even toss in for free: Inu-Yasha The Movie 3 that's kinda worth it in my eyes.

Shipping if you want them all to the US is $10.00, Canda buyers my guess is 15-20 to ship.(globel priority mail only 3-6 days)

If your in the US and want to trade for these, then that's fine, but I'm only looking for whats on my list though, unless it's something Yaoiish related that might interest me.

I'm only going to sell to Sell to Canada and US for these mangas. Sorry, but everytime I go to the post office and I get the prices for someone in say, England you have a cow over the shipping. I'm sorry, but I'm getting tired of wasteing my time running to the post office to get you these prices and you change your mind.

Ebay Listing's click here:

Peacemaker Vol. 1 DVD and Boxset $15.00(shipping to us 5.00)

Gravitation Vol .1 and Boxset 15.00(shipping to us 5.00)

Dracula 2000: 10.00

HellBoy 5.00

Kim Possible: The Secret Files 5.00

The Bourne Identity 5.00

~~~~~~~~~~~~NON DVD Goods~~~~~~~~~~~
Note: Willing to Sell both plushies for 15.00, and 6.00 to ship(prices are both for US and Canada shipping(Canada that's for slug mail though 2-4 weeks)

Sailor Moon SS UFO: BSM-92:
(missing tag, but has tush tag) $7.00
Shipping to us(same price for other plushie): $3.50

Sailor Mini Moon SS UFO: BSM-93: $8.00




Sai-Yuki English dvd's, and the movie
Sailor Moon Movie Boxset(the R1 set)
Stargate SG-1 Seasons: 5, 7

Manga Titles I need these titles(english only):

Selfish Love 2+
Full Moon Vol 1+
Kizuna Vol 2+
Vampire Game 1+
PeaceMaker 2+
Legal Drug 2+
Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders 1+
XXX Holic 3+
X/1999 9+
Clover 1+
Suki 2+
Tsubasa: Reservoin Chronicle 1+
Magic Knight: Rayearth 1+
Wish 1+
Man of Many Faces 1+
Tokyo Babylon 3+
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland 1+
The one I love: Watashi No Sukinahito 1+
Angelic Layer 1+
Legend of Chun Hyang
Clamp School Dectives 3+
Clamp School Paranormal Investigator's(Clamp School)
Under the Glass Moon 3+

As for now that's all I can think of. Anything with Yaoi in it is
another thing I like. If you have items I might be interested in, feel free to list them!

If you do not see the words HONG KONG, it means the dvd's are
R1. All my dvd's come from a smoke free home and are in excellent
shape. If you see something you want to buy or trade, please let me
know. As it is now I would rather take the money, but these are the
items I'm looking for on DVD, must be R1 dvd's! No hong Kong
imports other then the Sailor Moon/DNAngel one.

US Buyers/Traders: Will only trade with people in the US! Payments taken: PAYPAL, MONEY ORDER, US CASH(at your OWN risk!)

Shipping outside the US: Shipping outside the US isn't cheap, so you will have to bare, as I send things Globel Prioirty Mail. I'd insure the package, but I can't, so this way the GP mail I knwo arrives safely and you get it.

NON-US Buyers: PAYPAL ONLY!(In US funds)

My Paypal address:
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