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31 August 2007 @ 05:27 pm
Trading Cards / Manga / Anime Soundtracks  

It's that time of the year when I need space and money for new term textbooks ^^; So I'm having to part with some of my collection:

Live action pretty Guardian Sailor Moon complete trading card set - £5.00

Prince of tennis rare trading cards.- various prices (please ask if interested)

Ouran Host Club Cards - £0.50 each or £2.00 for all 5.

Wolf's Rain Soundtrack volume 1 - £5.00

Martian Successor Nadesico vocal soundtrack - £5.00

Serial Experiments Lain soundtracks: O.S.T. // Cyberia Mix soundtrack - £5.00 each or £8.50 for both.

Candidate for Goddess volume 1 [English text] - £2.50

Gamerz Heaven volume 1 [ Englaish text] - £2.50

Tokyopop Sneaks [English text] - £1.00

Ja! Weiss - Weiss Kreuz doujinshi anthology (eBay auction - ends Wednesday 5th September or buy it now option) [Japanese text]

Masato Wada (D-Boys member and plays Sengoku Kiyosumi in the Prince of Tennis musicals) photo's - £2.50 each or £6.00 for all 3.

Hirofumi Araki (D-Boys member and played Inui Sadaharu in tenimyu) trading card. - £1.50

Please note that prices do not include shipping, and items are shipped from the UK.

Payment by paypal only, please. (Makes things easier ^^;)

If you see something that you like but think is priced too high let me know and we can negotiate. I promise that I don't bite. ^^

I'm looking to sell these, but am happy to trade/partial trade for prince of tennis musical photosets. ^^ Comment or send me an email (dagger_tribal[at]fsmail[dot]net) if you'd like to!