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[Auctions] BLEACH and Prince of Tennis limited posters

Hi. I put up on eBay limited posters of BLEACH (Hitsugaya and Rukai/Orihime/Rangiku) and Prince of Tennis (Rikkai and Higa). You can only get these posters in the machines in Japan so don't miss out!

eBay Seller: crosswithyou

EDIT: IMPORTANT! This is my first time selling on eBay and I didn't know that they don't allow cash payments. That said, it's poooooooossible that eBay will cancel my auction for the Rikkai and Rukia/Orihime/Rangiku posters because they were bidded on before I could edit the item descriptions. Let's hope this doesn't happen but just in case, I'd like to give everyone a heads up on that.
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