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Items for sale in GOOD or LIKE NEW condition.

Go ahead and make offers, I'm willing to consider them as I am eager to sell these items.

I need a hundred dollars or so to buy my last college textbook, so I'd really appreciate if you would at least take the time to look. :)

* All prices are in American Dollars
* I will ship anywhere in the U.S.; shipping overseas limited, but not completely out of the question, so don't hesitate to go ahead and ask!
* I can accept money order or concealed cash (at your own risk). Ask me about any other methods of payment.
* If you're interested in something, please leave a comment.
* Feel free to make offers, but be fair please.

*Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Sanrio(Hello Kitty and BadzMaru), Tsubasa:Reservoir Chronicle, Serial Experiments Lain, Digimon, ASOUE, and Sims2 items available.

Asking prices in bold, please specify which items you are interested in when leaving a comment.

Naruto playing cards in collectible tin. Like new; opened but never used. - $5

Naruto double-sided pillow. Great condition. - $6 SOLD!

Naruto logo pillows. Great condition. - $6 each of $10 for two.

Naruto Sensei wall scroll. Great condition. - $8. SOLD!

Trigun Kuroneko-sama adjustable backpack. Good condition - $10

Trigun Wolfwood Cross Punisher necklace with original chain. Great condition - $10

Trigun Vash wall scroll. Great condition - $8

Trigun Vash poster. Like New; still in original wrapping, but has tiny thumbtack holes in corners from previously being hung. - $10

Cowboy Bebop poster. Great condition, tiny holes from thumbtacks in corners - $6

Cowboy Bebop wall scroll. Great condition - $8 ON HOLD!

Yu-Gi-Oh pillow. Great condition.- $6 SOLD!

Yu-Gi-Oh adjustable backpack. Great condition.- $6

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle--Volume 11. (In English) Great condition, only looked through once.- $5

Sesshomaru wall scroll- Great condition.- $8.

Serial Experiments Lain - Vol I.(VHS). Good condition, slight scuffs at bottom of VHS cover.- $3
Wagner's Ring live performance in black in white(VHS). Good condition. - $2

A Series of Unfortunate Events promotional C.D." Contains three full-length songs from the tragic treasury performed by the Gothic Archies. C.D. is in Great condition. - $3

Sims 2 for PC. Great condition, includes four installation discs and program manual. -$15. SOLD!!

Orange County Choppers dog tag. Great condition - $5.

Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" metal wall hanging. Like New. - $6.

Nene Thomas "Hope" fairy writing journal. Good condition, only a few pages have minor dust smudges on them. - $4.

Purple heart bracelet from Mexico. Like New, never opened. - $2.

BadtzMaru Sanrio plushie. Great condition. - $6.

Hello Kitty mini storage tin. Great Condition - $1.50 by itself, $1 when ordered with any order over $3.

I Feel Sick: A Book About a Girl Vol. I. Illustrated in color, by Jhonen Vasquez. Like New! Still in original packaging. - $3

Augumon Digimon Tattoo - .75
Greymon Digimon Tattoo - .75
Yokomon Digimon Tattoo- .75

Donnie Darko movie poster postcard - .75
Donnie Darko "They made me do it" postcard - .75
Donnie Darko "They made me do it" pin - .75

Kakashi set of 4 pencils -$1.
Kakashi keychain - $1.
Kakashi mini bubblegum tin - $1.
OR $2.75 AS A SET.

"I love my dog" NY mini keychain - .75
Squeaking frog keychain - .50

I also have over 100 Yu-Gi-Oh cards I'm willing to sell, so if anyone is intersted please ask and I can give you further details on the cards. I'm willing to sell them as a set or individually.

***Once I have recieved and verified payment I will ship the items ordered. If there are any problems or questions (size or dimension of products for example), you may e-mail me at pangolinpenguin7[at]hotmail[dot]com or leave your question in a comment.

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