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Super good stuff^_^ Check it out!

Lots-o-stuff that is more on the rare-ish side aka=not mainstream, or unusual^^
I have some used items I would like to sale><
Thankies! Paypal is what I use/prefer. Shipping is included. Feel free to make an offer or to split sets (maybe)
And if you buy alot, maybe I'll give you a deal>><<

10 Newtype magazines. (only one not shown features madlax on the cover)
Do not come with DVDs or posters (maybe one or two have posters)
Good condition
$30 (shipping not included)

Mad Maestro! Video game (like new)
A total mind trip (actual colors lighter, bad pic, sorry><)

Casshern DVD (Used)
case slightly cracked on top
all region
eng subs

Angel Sactuary artbook
tiny little bending on lower left corner

Deery Lou alarm clock
4.5'' tall, 4'' across, and 2'' thick
has alarm, sleep
AA battery required

MANGA! (all gently used)

Menkui 1 (boys love) (2-3 were bought)

Land of the Blindfolded (absolutely an amazing series)
volumes 1-9 (complete)

.//hack vol 1-2

Cromartie High School
vol 1

Beautiful People

Life vol 1

Marmalade boy 4-5

Pieces of a Spiral vol 1

Sweat and Honey (some yuri)

FLCL 1-2 (complete)

Flower of Life (boys love)

Also selling (without pics)

Love or Money vol 1-5 (complete)

Love Roma
vol 1-3

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