Kyasarin (kannas_mirror) wrote in garagesalejapan,

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Address Book

I'm looking for a new address/contacts book and I'd quite like a Japanese one. It can be classy or cute( i.e. I like Gloomy Bear, Kitty-chan), not too small, but good quality and plenty of pages....I'd rather not have a cheap one. I have tried eBay before, but the few things I found weren't what I was looking for, or looked a little tacky. Japanese script rather than English, Engrish or romanji would be preferable, but not absolutely necessary. I'm wondering if anyone on here has something of this description for sale, or can point me in the right direction? Don't know if this will get any replies, but worth a shot if I can get a nice new book to store important details in ^_^    Also, anyone know of any Gloomy Bear stationary? (like writing paper, letter sets?)  Thanks!
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