Jpop Rocker (jpoprocker) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Jpop Rocker

 Hello! I got some Anime stuff for sale including some Cute Fruitsy Apparel, (plus Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter things.)

I prefer PayPal and will sometimes take money orders
be sure to have me calculate your total when you're ready to buy anything since shipping cost varies all over. I ship world wide

 Fruitsy pink and purple earrings (never used) - $5.00
Bilingual CCS Manga Japanese/English (Mint Condition) Volume 1 - $7.00 or best offer

  Harry Potter notepad with magnet on back (great to put on a fridge) $5.00
  Front and Back
Jack Sparrow School Folder (Mint Condition) $5.00
  Front and Back
Will Turner School Folder (Mint Condition) $5.00
 Kawaii Pink Fuzzy Purse - $5.00 or best offer
kachikachiyama Japanese Children's book $6.00 or best offer


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