Dead (owlmuffin) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Lots of graphic novels, comics, mangas and so much more....

Hi there! I have a TON of the classic mangas on my page, stuff like:

Cardcaptor Sakura by Clamp volumes 1 & 2 - both for only 12.oo!
Dragon Wars Ryukihei for only 5.oo!
I Feel Sick / Filler Bunny / Squee Jhonen Vasquez
Monsters In My Tummy Roman Dirge for 1.oo!
Dragon Ball volume 1 Akirma Toriyama for only
No Need for Tenchi! volume 1 - $4.oo!
Orochi: Blood by Kazuo Umezu just 5.oo!
Blade of the Immortal by Hiroaki Samura volume 1
Oh My Goddess! Kosuke Fujishima Various volumes and Mini book!
Akira graphic novels 1, 2, 3
Suikoden III graphic novel 1 by Aki Shimizu - only 4.oo!
Miracle Girls novels v. 1 & 2 Nami Akimoto - together for 12.oo!
Mermaid Forest by Rumiko Takahashi for only 5.oo!

...and sooooooo much more. Please visit my liverjounal owlmuffin or my Laundromatic user page by clicking here.

I even offer Delivery Confirmation! Please stop on by. ;)
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