garagesaleleann (garagesaleleann) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I've been updating constantly for the past week and now everything is all set!

  • lots of free stuff
  • sanrio stationary sets, stationary, letter sets, undies, notebooks, stickers, toys...
  • san-x notebooks, ashtrays, keychains
  • kawaii stationary sets, strawberry jar, bath soaps, pens, pencils...
  • FRUiTS magazines, newtype magazine, fashion zines
  • suikoden tactics, WOW trading card game, yugioh cards...
  • tons and tons of clothing and jewelry
  • hair accessories, makeup, lotions
  • inuyasha plushies, P.O.T. naruto & chobits  fans, gundam stickers, naruto pencil and stationary, sailor moon stuff, record of lodoss war vhs, sampler dvds, magic knight rayearth doll, doremi doll and gashapon, postcards, posters, ranma 1/2 poster
  • i think that's a hefty list, please come check it out!!!

p.s. please don't be shy to make offers! i want this stuff out, it's taking up my closet and various bags around my room! I kind of want to throw it all away XD
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